Flyboy’s Deli

2515 Far Hills Ave.
Oakwood, OH 45419
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The initial idea of Flyboy’s Deli, which was founded earlier this year, was to bring the taste and feel of New York City to suburban Dayton. Step inside, and you’ll have a hard time believing you’re in downtown Oakwood, the dark wood bar and quick service make it feel like a metro destination. But Flyboy’s has even more to offer than lunch; with an outside porch, a beer bar and activities some nights, This spot has so much more to offer.

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So the menu is huge, with a variety of things for breakfast and lunch including sandwiches, paninis, soups, appetizers, pizzas, salads, and more. The over-arching theme of the menu, much like the business as a whole, is  that these items are all named after Dayton things. Big companies in town, airplane-related things and people.  Price points are high normal but the food all looks and tastes hand-made from quality ingredients.

  • “The Liberty” Reuben a try is spectacular. The corned beef is textually perfect, it’s tender and piled high. Often the thought of the sandwich conjures ideas of an overly-salty cold meat that can seem over-processed; Flyboys masters the sandwich – it’s true to the idea of the sandwich but tastes substantially better than your average sandwich. Add a little Swiss cheese and sauerkraut and you’ve got a good sandwich.
  • “The Triangle” Club is filling. they know how to do a club sandwich right. It’s huge and stuffed to the gills with ham, turkey, bacon and the other fixings. Some of the other sandwiches might leave you hungry; not this one.
  • The “DH-4” Italian Sub is not your typical Italian-style sandwich. It’s got thick-cut ham, cappicola, prosciutto, oregano and some veggies on it. What ties the whole thing together, amazingly, is this very dark balsamic vinaigrette.
  • The “Staten Island” artichoke Dip, which is topped with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. It’s a great taste to whet the appetite for two; you really appreciate the effort that goes into making this one – it’s a great recipe for a fairly mild starter.
  • The “Patterson” Hummus and Pita, this one’s served with a ton of veggies and just about all of them really work well with the hummus.

The atmosphere is really, really sharp. This is one of the cleanest places I’ve ever visited, and even the coffee bar is spotless. Every day. It’s really neat, actually, the dark wooden furnishings from the restaurant’s former life as a house seem like they might clash with a modern eating concept, but they don’t. In fact, when decorated with the assortment of old-timey aviation photos and memorabilia, it gives the whole place a very vintage feel, very refined. And that’s before you get to the very, very friendly staff. Flyboy’s is an exceptional concept, and it delivers great food with an all-Dayton feel.


  • Breakfast is on the menu and they open early, so this is a fast option for a.m. meals.
  • At night, they have events, too, such as trivia
  • The large upstairs hosts events frequently, as the outdoor patio makes for a great view.

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