The Flying Pizza

223 North Main St.
Dayton, OH 45402
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With five locations around the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus area, The Flying Pizza makes its pizzas big, New York style and unapologetic. The exact focus of each location seems to be slightly different; the downtown location primarily sells pizza by the slice to the lunch crowd, while the suburban locations have a menu dominated by larger pizzas. The mission at each is different, but the experience is consistent; the people are great, the restaurant is clean and you will always get a slice of spot-on pizza.

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The pizza is great, it’s served New York style with a crisp crust. It comes in a few varieties, most of which have simple, classic combinations of ingredients. Pepperoni. Sausage. mushrooms, sometimes they sell a white pizza type option. The real skill in the food here isn’t in what’s on the pizza, it’s how the pizza is made. Every time, it’s perfectly consistent. The slices are big New York style triangles (Or you can go for the deep dish square cut options if you’re so inclined) and the crust is always a perfect level of crispiness. It’s lightly crunchy and never over-browned. it’s got a good ring of crust that isn’t too much. Downtown, the pizza-by-the-slice concept is really convenient, and in the suburbs it’s just as great to have the extra-large pies.

There aren’t a lot of other things on the menu other than the pizza, you should know. There are salads, and the menu also has a lot of drinks, some of them sell beer, and overall the place is designed primarily for convenience. It’s got the sort of gruff New York-style attitude to go along with it, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little rushed. But the crowds support the place with their business, and make no mistake, the food is consistently good.

All in all, it really does feel like a little island of New York right here in the Midwest. The pizza is great and definitely worth a visit. New York transplants and people who are curious for a taste of the Big Apple alike, this is the place in Dayton to go.


  • The menus differ based on audience, with the downtown Dayton location serving primarily pizza by the slice and the suburban locations preferring whole-pie orders.
  • Also, some of the locations serve beer.
  • The pizza is great, and this is a great place to go for New York style pizza. That said, just know there isn’t a lot else on the menu if you happen to have a buddy who doesn’t want pizza.

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