Adam’s Rib

304 U.S. Route 35 West
Eaton, OH 45320
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Adam’s Rib is a small barbecue joint serving the Ohio-Indiana border town of Eaton, a small house with a gravel driveway on the edge of town, with a smoker outside. Real simple operation. Oh, and also, they seem to have a food truck, which extends the business on the weekend. As far as Athens, Ohio, even, because I spotted the truck there before I actually discovered the spot in Eaton. The people are great, the food is simple, small town barbecue, and it’s very convenient.


The barbecue is smoked outside of the restaurant, and the result is substantial. The ribs are tender and the meat falls off the bone. That makes it a little overcooked but the flavor is outstanding nonetheless. It’s served with bread to make it a sandwich, which is sort of confusing. You can’t really eat the ribs like a sandwich with the bones in. The barbecue chicken is also excellent, the smoky flavor really permeates that meat well, and it forms a smoky bark on the outside, just a little sweet. It’s even more fall-off-the-bone goodness, and the food truck sells it by the drumstick.

The food is great, but it could really use some barbecue sauce, preferably something on the sweet side to offset the smokiness of the meat. There does seem to be some barbecue but the food isn’t served with a ton of it.

The people of the restaurant are great, too, and that’s the most inviting thing about the place. It’s run by a very nice group of people who are kind to strangers and regulars alike, which is even better in the food trucks which seem to travel around town a ton. You should know, though, that the restaurant doesn’t take credit cards of any kind. They point you to a gas station next door which has an ATM, but one way or another it’s an inconvenience. Still, whether you’re a worker from one of the restaurant’s nearby factories, or you’re a visitor stopping by the food truck somewhere far from Dayton, the people who run Adam’s Rib really do know how to bring friendly small-town service to you. It’s a great thing!


    • Adam’s Rib has a food truck which makes its way around the state, especially on the weekends, and you might recognize the name that way. It’s an actual, bricks-and-mortar restaurant based in Eaton, Ohio, though.
    • The restaurant does not accept credit or debit cards; cash only.
    • Highly suggest getting a drink or extra barbecue sauce to go with the barbecued meat, great as it is.

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