Oasis Pizza & Grill

1424 East Wooster Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402
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The Oasis is a late night food option serving just about anything the college kids and locals around its four locations want to eat. No, really. The menu consists of something like 200 items from just about every corner of the food spectrum, from burgers and pizza to wings, Tex-mex and gyros. Basically, the whole model is whatever insane thing you might get a craving for late at night, after everywhere else is closed, Oasis will have it. Also, they’ll deliver it. There’s no matching the convenience. The flavors are another story.


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Where do you begin with a menu as large as this? The classics, I suppose. I liked the classic burger, the patty is frozen, but it’s served with all of the veggies and fixings that make for a favorite. As ordered it tends to be heavy on the mayo, so I would suggest asking for that a little light. The chili dog is good, the chili is a little bit spicy, and I was impressed with the little bit of heat that complemented the saltiness of the dog so well. By default the cheap sides are a bag of chips, but of course a place like this has onion rings and fries to round it out.

I liked the gyro, too. There’s an option with both beef and chicken which I tried, and found that both meats are good on their own or together. It’s also served with the classic set of onions, mayo and on a crisp pita. It’s fast food quality, but you really can’t top the convenience of being able to grab one late at night, as the same place that you could get a pizza, wings, a burger, or one of anything else your heart desires.

By itself, the menu sort of doesn’t make sense, but I do suggest coming here if you have a group with different tastes. In fact it would be perfect for exactly that. Individually each menu item didn’t really knock anything out of the park, but taken all in context, it’s a great place to bring a group of people, late at night, when you have picky eaters and no other options. It would take quite a stretch indeed to find someone who didn’t like anything they have to offer here.


  • There is no seating inside the restaurant. It’s pretty much all to-go.
  • Come here with a group, that’s definitely what the restaurant is aimed at serving. Also, they deliver, so there’s that.
  • Pay attention to the hours during the day, they tend to open for business later than many other places.

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