Beaugard’s Southern Bar B Que

975 S. South St.
Wilmington, OH 45177
websiteIMG_47233 stars

Beaugard’s Southern Bar B Que is a smokehouse in Wilmington, southwest Ohio, that specializes in Memphis-style barbecue, with sandwiches, seafood and soul food as other specialties. It also seems to be one of the favorite places in town, crowded during meals and still cooking food made to order. The restaurant looks simple from the outside, and it looks simple from the inside, but the flavors are good old-fashioned barbecue.IMG_4721

The barbecue is good, with different dishes served a la carte, with the favorite southern barbecue favorites; barbecued chicken, pulled pork, ribs, beef brisket and all of the sides you find at a great barbecue place in Tennessee. I loved the barbecued chicken, it’s served quartered and drenched in sauce. The texture is spot on, it’s cooked perfectly and tender, but not smoky. I didn’t prefer the sauce, sort of a Yankee sweet concoction with only a little bit of spice and vinegar to it, whereas the stuff I’ve had in Memphis is so much more delightfully acidic. Regardless, in the end, I still wanted more sauce. In my book, it’s hard to go wrong with a little barbecue sauce.

I also liked the pulled pork, which was finely chopped and very moist. It’s got a very slight crunch to it, very subtle, and it’s served by the half-pound. Again here, I ran out of sauce before I ran out of pork, the stuff lends itself so well to some barbecue sauce. Excellent barbecue. Sorry to say I didn’t prefer the mac and cheese; it wasn’t bad, but it was a little bland. Maybe it needs some pepper or seasoning, or maybe a little sugar, in order to differentiate it from the stuff that tastes store bought.

There’s a little bit longer of a wait than I was used to, closer to the 15 to 20 minute range for what is pictured, while barbecue places often serve up assembly line style. I can appreciate the effort of making the food to order though, so I’ll just say to give yourself plenty of time when coming out, because the fresh food comes very hot, too.

All in all, a very good barbecue place. I definitely see what people go for when they come here. The people are great, the meat is cooked perfectly, and a place like Wilmington definitely can use a southern barbecue spot to offset the different styles you’ll find just to the south. Worth a try.


  • I highly recommend the barbecue chicken and pulled pork, which is textually spot-on, very moist and very tender. I’d suggest asking for more sauce. Couldn’t find a side I liked, though.
  • There are daily specials on the Facebook page, so I’d suggest going there if you’re picky to find something at a price point.
  • Also, they cater.

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