Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop

124 West State St.
Pendleton, IN 46064
Facebook pageIMG_00413 stars

This quaint little coffee shop in small-town Pendleton, Indiana is about as cute as they come. It’s definitely the kind of little family corner place every localvore-seeking hipster would love, comfortable chairs and couches, little tables where groups of locals congregate, and a very friendly staff who seems instantly able to spot out-of-towers heading through their town. On Facebook, you’ll find the store not by its name but with a delightful mantra: “Peace, love and coffee beans.” IMG_0040

The coffee shop has a lot of the typical favorites as far as coffee goes; you can get regular coffee, cappuccinos, mochas, smoothies, and other kinds of drinks. The basic coffee is pretty good, it’s very fragrant and the flavor is rich. The best drinks are the selection of custom lattes that the shop makes, most are concoctions with different syrups and espresso, sometimes apparently even ice cream, in them. There seems to be a sizable menu of these and I can’t seem to locate an exact menu of them online, but I tried two, and the great thing about them was that the coffee flavor and great froth was in no way diminished by the extra flavor. In fact, they complemented one another quite naturally.

There is a food menu, but it’s not apparent at all. There seem to be some soups, quiches, and sandwiches served, but I never was able to find any kind of menu advertising them. I did, however, like the baked goodies that were available, and home-made. The coffee cake was great, just a little caramelization to the sugary crust at the top, and just a little cinnamon to make the bottom light and fluffy. It’s the great strength of small town coffee shops like this; everything is done with a care and a deliberation that is palpable.

The environment of the little shop is great, it’s not large but it’s in the town’s historic district and there are a lot of locals who seem to frequent the place. The people working here really seem to care about what they’re doing too, because the either know everyone’s name, or they’re making an effort to get to know visitors. With that kind of friendliness, it’s hard to find something not to like about the place. For me, it’s a definite point on the map to consider returning too; a friendly coffee shop in an inviting small town, the exact kind of place you discover on accident and always think back to fondly. Worth a trip.


  • The lattes are the best drinks, I thought, and I would suggest trying one of the combinations invented by the shop.
  • There’s a light menu of food, but I didn’t spot it written down anywhere so you’ll have to ask for it.
  • Keep in mind the somewhat unusual hours; the shop open early and it closes early.

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