Mo’s Irish Pub

13193 Levinson Lane, Suite 100
Noblesville, IN 46060
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Mo’s Irish Pub is a medium-scale pub concept within the Hamilton Town Center of Noblesville, northwest of Indianapolis. The place is best known for its live music performances in the small front bar area, as well as an ample back dining area and porch so groups looking for all kinds of different experiences make their way into the place. Also, it’s got a kitchen open until 1 a.m., making it an ideal place to hit if you’re hungry after a concert at the nearby Kilpsch Music Center. I like the idea, but the food is sort of hit and miss.


The menu is a mixture of typical bar fare and some of the more well-known Irish dishes. On the bar side of things, I was a big fan of Mo’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap, which has crisp chicken tenders in a warm, but not spicy sauce and plenty of bacon, bleu cheese and vegetables to complement it. It really hit the spot on a warm night, because the spice doesn’t take over the flavor. The fries are good steak-fries without seasoning. Very simple, very good.

I didn’t like the shepherd’s pie as much. The stew itself was good, it’s a thick and slightly salty mixture filled with simmered beef and veggies. It comes with garlic mashed potatoes, but the serving I got had far too much mashed potato and far too little stew; I never got any garlic flavor from the potatoes, and the beef itself was a tad overcooked, a little dry. It came with a few salty slices of bread that didn’t really complement either the stew or the potatoes well, at all. A shame, too, because the heavy food could have used a little seasoning of some kind.

The service was great, though I will say if you’re coming in during the live music it can get problematic; the main problem is the stage is in a small front area where things can get cramped, so it’s hard to get a seat to enjoy the music. On the other hand, if you’d rather be away from the stage, even the back corner does nothing to reduce the volume. One way or another, though, people seem to come to the place for the music so expect that part of the restaurant to be the most packed. In all though, it was generally a good experience, and worth a try.


  • The bar food is great, and I really like the sides. I wasn’t as impressed with what I tasted on the traditional menu.
  • The area around the stage can get packed late at night, but you’ll be able to hear the music anywhere in the restaurant pretty well.
  • This is, I believe, the only restaurant in the area with a kitchen open until 1 a.m., so it might be a good choice to try.

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