Dublin Pub

300 Wayne Ave.
Dayton, OH 45410
websiteDublin Pub (Dayton, OH)
4 stars

Dublin Pub is a popular bar and nightspot forming the east anchor of downtown Dayton’s Oregon District, the Dublin Pub is an awesome place, a wide-open but dark interior, and ample porch with a great view of the nightlife nearby, and a huge stage for music. It’s a well-known hotspot.

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Among the best items on the menu:

  • Guinness Beef Boxty: A potato pancake topped with steak tips and celery, carrots, onions, Guinness gravy,  and cheese. I like it for the combination of flavors; tender beef, soft potato, and crisp veggies, all with cheese. An exceptional mix.
  • Shamrock Sirloin Sandwich: A sandwich made of sirloin tips which are dry-rubbed and grilled and topped with fried onion strings, jack cheese, and something Dublin Pub calls “blarney sauce.” My favorite dish from this restaurant, particularly if you order the sirloin medium or rare. It’s practically like butter.
  • Chicken Tenders: served with fries and a Guinness barbecue sauce. It’s a classic, though I will say you’ll probably want more barbecue sauce. There isn’t very much breading.
  • The Pub Burger: A classic burger, topped with lettuce and tomato. Grilled to-order. It’s simple, and inelegant.
  • Dublin’s Perfection Burger: A more advanced version of the burger, topped with “rashers” (bacon) and Black and Tan onion rings, fried pickles, a pepper sauce, and jack cheese. The outcome is an exceptional flavor; salty and a little spicy. Crunchy but the beef is tender. It’ll fill you up, to be sure.
  • Billy Prime Shot: Allegedly a sandwich, but more like a full dinner experience. This open-faced sandwich has mountains of mashed potatoes and tasty prime rib, and then topped with a Guinness gravy that is very tasty.
  • The sides are decent. The salad is nothing special, the house vinaigrette is decent but it’s the best part. The fries are extra thick steak fries, not crisp but soft. The green beans are great, sautéed and heavily peppered.

The service, at least as food is concerned, is generally dependent on the night. The weekends I’ve found people are exceptional at managing crowds with lots of food and drink orders, but service is sort of slow during the days and on weeknights, maybe the place is understaffed but drinks and orders seem to come slower, even when there aren’t as many people around.

I really like the atmosphere of the place though, because it feels very close-in like a traditional Irish pub, but in fact it’s a large and wide open enough spot that a large crowd can really enjoy the band. If you’re planning to head out here on a weekend night, get there early. People love the place and you could have a hard time finding a seat! But really, I think you’ll like the experience if you know what to order.


  • The place gets crowded on the weekends, and parking is limited. Service seems to vary depending on the night.
  • I definitely suggest the burgers or the sirloin sandwich, my favorite items on the menu.
  • Lots of live music can be found here on some nights, and there’s also a huge porch to really set the mood off right.

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