Downtown Grill & Cafe (CLOSED)

Editors Note: As of August 2013, Downtown Grill & Cafe is closed.
130 West Second St. Suite L2
Dayton, OH 45402
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IMG_22442 stars

One of the dining options in Dayton’s central business district, Downtown Grill offers quick, convenient and economical food, without a lot of hassle and on a relatively inexpensive budget. Sitting in a spot where other restaurants have come and gone, this grill takes advantage of the convenience of being located close to downtown offices, the performing arts center, and Sinclair Community College’s campus, and serving an abundance of sandwiches and other grilled items for breakfast and lunch.
There’s a lot to be said about a place that specializes in speed and convenience, but I’m not sold on the food.IMG_2242

I gave a try to some of the simpler stuff on the menu, namely the bourbon chicken sandwich. It’s topped with a bourbon glaze, which I assume is supposed to seem like it’s a marinade, but it’s more a sauce put on top. The chicken is a little on the dry side, so something to combat that helps. I also wasn’t a fan of the mac and cheese. It was nice to have some extra cheese on top, but the rest of the mac and cheese could well be instant. Not great. The breakfast dishes are simple breakfast sandwiches. Chicken and waffles are there, too, but you have to buy the chicken and the waffles separately for some reason?

And therein lays the problem. There’s definitely a market for some kind of economical food for the central business district, and there’s a demand for a restaurant at this location, but the food just does not rise to the occasion. There are sandwiches, chicken, salads, wraps, burgers and soups, so the variety is there, but the food seems to be little more than a combination of boxed ingredients. Put together but not inspired to anything more than the combination of a few ingredients. Not a lot of creativity. Not a lot of flavor.

The location is nice, and it’s itching for a restaurant to succeed. The people in this restaurant are nice, too. But when it comes down to it, there just needs to be something bigger going on. Sorry to say it, but this is one place you’ll want to avoid.

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