Chocolate Bar

347 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
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The Chocolate Bar really doesn’t need an introduction, the name says it all. You come here to indulge in the cocoa confections of all types, whether you’re hungry for chocolate shakes, chocolate dipped fruit or one of the many, many chocolate martinis. When you pay a visit to this downtown Cleveland destination, make sure you come hungry, there’s a big menu. And try to stick to a few of the martinis, which are extravagantly sweet. I tried to share five between two people, and I’m pretty sure I left the place with prediabetes.

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Among the martinis I tried here:

  • Banana Cream Pie: It’s got a neat froth, sort of gives it sort of makes it feel like a meringue topping. The flavor of banana isn’t strong, but the cream is what you get.
  • Espresso: You’ll be surprised how strong the coffee tastes. Might even be a some grounds inside. It’s a less assertive, sweet martini, but no less interesting than the rest.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: This one is strong; there’s a ton of peanut butter in it, and a strong bit of chocolate. I highly suggest you split it with someone, and you stir it a lot so it doesn’t settle. Also, if you get more than one cocktail, get this one last!
  • White Chocolate Raspberry: White chocolate is a delicate flavor, and this one manages it very well. Served with a white chocolate edible straw. Get this one first!
  • Black Forrest: Also a little less sweet and with a hint of cherry to temper it. Actually, it tastes a little bit like cake. A great martini!

I also sampled some of the dipping chocolate with some fruit. It’s served warm but stays velvety even after it cools. Sort of like ganache. Other chocolatey items to enjoy include the hot chocolate, the chocolate shakes, and even a chocolate peppercorn soup.

If you’ve got an appetite for something a little more savory, there’s a ton of other stuff on the menu, including a list of crepes, sandwiches, flatbreads and wraps. Or skip to dessert, and try some ice cream, cheese cake, or mousse.

The atmosphere is fun, whimsical. There are a ton of seats on the patio, and the outstanding view at the edge of one of Cleveland’s major bar scenes make this a place where you’ll love to get some drinks and people watch. This is the kind of night spot people make special plans to visit. Go for it!


  • If you’re headed to the Chocolate Bar, trying one of the martinis is an absolute must. Or if you can’t have alcohol for one reason or another, there are also hot chocolates and chocolate shakes.
  • The desert menu is also excellent, including cheesecake, ice cream, or just some chocolate to dip fruit.
  • There’s also a menu of wraps, crepes, and sandwiches to try.

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