Brixx Ice Co.

500 East First Street
Dayton, OH 45402
websiteBrixx Ice Co. (Dayton, OH)3 stars

If you’re looking for some grub after watching a Dayton Dragon’s game downtown, look no further than Brixx Ice Co. Perched on the corner of right field, this downtown landmark is the place to go; its second-story view of the games is just about fantastic. But it’s the food that first brought me here, and the food that will keep bringing me back.

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I have tried and loved many burgers in Dayton, but really, on a summer night, nothing in the world beats a burger fresh off the home grill.  In that regard, it’s like Brixx has read my mind.

  • Burgers: just a little smoky, with an ever-so-slight hint of charcoal flavor in them, it’s fantastic. Then you top it with veggies, and call it a deal. There’s a build-your-own option, but to me, nothing tops the bacon and ranch variety. Go all out and grab some waffle fries while you’re at it.
  • Dragon toes: really knocked it out of the park too, they’re boneless chunks served with a slightly sweet-spice sauce that is perfect with a summer drink, and don’t leave you feeling stuffed, either.
  • Chicken bacon ranch sandwich: The chicken and bacon are formed into a patty and grilled. The one-two-three punch of crunchy, savory and salty makes this one a winner.
  • Caesar salad: Heavy on lemon Caesar dressing and croutons, this salad is best with the soup/salad combo, available for $7.99 and a soup of the day.
  • Fish tacos: Fried pollock in a taco with mountains of veggies and cheese. A bit too much cheese really, but the tacos are filling enough.
  • Philly cheese steak: This sandwich is heavy with seared steak. A bit of cheese makes it good too, though the philly could always use a little more!

Of course, if you’re out with your buddies you’ll want a drink to go with that. Grab one of the Brixx signature drinks, most of which seem to be perfect for summertime drinks. The Brixx Sunset, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Amaretto, Banana Schnapps mixed with orange and pineapple juice. Bright and very summery. I’m partial of course to the Blue Hawaiian, which is a mix of Absolut Vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi Silver Rum, Blue Curaco, Island Blue Pucker and some lemonade, sour mix and Sierra mist. Really, these are fruity drinks a man would love. And, of course, there are a huge selection of beers to go along with them.

The interior is decent, it’s very much a dark interior bar concept. The upstairs is the place to go during a ball game, but during the weekdays the downstairs can get a little crowded. Service slows down considerably during the lunch hours, but it’s nothing unreasonable, and it wasn’t serious enough to detract from the experience. I have seen and heard the occasional complaint that the place isn’t well climate controlled. I have never had that problem in the summer, though I haven’t been through in the winter. In all, I personally enjoyed the food that I tried, and for that I really thought the place was worth the visit.


  • Parking isn’t easy, especially during ball games. It’s convenient to the ball game, that’s for sure, but I’d also suggest that if you’re wanting to visit this place go when there isn’t a game, just to make things easier.
  • The burgers are my favorite item on the menu, though I also like the the wings. Drinks are good if you’re
  • Also, if you’re in a rush, avoid the lunch crowd.

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