Ringo’s North Star Mobile Eatery (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of May 2014, Ringo’s is closed.
Food Truck
Dayton, OH 45371
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Ringo’s North Star Mobile Eatery is another of the food truck which has sprung up in Dayton this year. Seeming to prefer the north side of town, this colorful truck has a simple menu of just a few items, but they prefer quality over quantity. While the burgers are made with locally grown beef, the quesadilla gets seasonings and salsa from South America. Expect to pay here a little more than what the other food trucks are selling, and expect to wait a little longer, but the end result is good food.


Now the top item on the menu is the road trip burger, and it really is something special. It’s made with the aforementioned locally-grown beef and topped with a combination of cheeses, the goat cheese is the dominant savory flavor while the Monterey jack and cheddar add a little sharpness to the flavor. Then it’s got bacon and grilled onions to top the thing off. It’s made fresh in the truck, and at $8 it’s a little bit pricier than the average burger, but it’s absolutely got a different flavor.

Now the funny thing about side dishes at Ringo’s is they’re all cool and creative. What is that in the photo? Well, that’s fried asparagus. Is it good? Yes, it is very good. Just a little bit of breading keeps a little bit of a crunch to the asparagus, and they’re not overly greasy. They’ve since also added to the menu such things as “Texas caviar,” a mixture of black-eyed peas, corn, tomatoes and peppers, and “Ringo’s Fries,” which are made with multicolored potatoes and served alongside chipotle sauce and organic ketchup. Then of course there are the aforementioned quesadillas and something called “Brie-pear sliders” which I’m really itching to try.

The food truck makes a fancy meal, and there’s no question you’ll experience some unique flavors. The people who run the truck, Joyce and David Ring, are exceptionally friendly, always conversational and a delight to order from. You should expect a little bit of a wait on your food. Consistently when I’ve seen the truck somewhere, it’s attracted a line, and in my experience it’s the longest wait for a food truck, even at the now-popular Dayton truck rallies when other places have longer lines. It seems to be a point of pride for the proprietors though, and I will agree: This place makes something special.


  • Follow the truck’s twitter or Facebook for exact information on whereabouts, but they seem to frequent the north side of Dayton. 
  • The burger is the best item, and you’ll definitely like the sides that go with it.
  • The prices are a little above average, as are wait times, so keep that in mind, too.

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