Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

7004 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
websiteIMG_21593 stars

A chain of a little over 31 barbecue restaurants situated throughout the deep south, Jim N Nick’s offers barbecue of just about all stripes. The south owns barbecue, and it always seems like I find another little corner place with more delicious options. Jim N Nick’s doesn’t disappoint with their ‘cue, noting on their site that the pork shoulder, for example, is smoked for 14 hours before it’s served up, steaming hot. While I like some of the dishes more than others, I’m really struck that this place represents the southern delicacy well.

The highly acclaimed pulled pork is absolutely spectacular, it’s soft and moist, and more importantly, it’s got this wonderful soft and smoky flavor to it. The edges are blackened nicely and the end result is barbecue that really does taste like it’s been smoked a long time in a back smoker. The beef brisket is great, too. As far as competition barbecue goes, soft brisket is overcooked, and this stuff walks the fine line wonderfully. It’s got a bark and a little firmness to it, but in the end, it’s good. I can’t say I liked the barbecue chicken, though, because it was a little dry. It’s tough to do barbecued chicken that is shredded because it dries out so easily.

The barbecue sauce is a great sweet mix, just a hint of vinegar to it and it goes well equally on any of the kinds of meat. The side dishes are good, too, the salad is pretty basic, but the macaroni and cheese is made in a very creamy sauce that’s hard not to like. All told, the beef and pork really knock it home, and I’d suggest them first. Also, there’s a “Taco Tuesday” where the barbecue meats are stuffed into tacos, which sounds pretty cool. Couldn’t get in there on a Tuesday, though.

The people are nice, and the restaurant feels a lot like one of those corner barbecue huts I mentioned earlier, set in a brick house with delicious-smelling smoking wood stacked out front. All in all, there are a ton of good barbecue places, the south is definitely one of the best places to find it. I didn’t like everything I tried, but I would say that Jim N Nick’s has a good number of dishes I’d go back for.


  • Personally I preferred the pulled pork, and the beef brisket was a close second. I didn’t think the barbecued chicken was prepared as well, though.
  • Also, if you like the place a lot, at least the Nashville location caters.
  • Believe it or not, there’s a “taco Tuesday,” which features the titular dishes sold individually and stuffed with different barbecue meats.

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