Commentary: Another Food Critic celebrates three years!

IMG_2548Ah, the third birthday of Another Food Critic! How time flies. I like to hope time and experience have given me some good perspective as to how I review restaurants. At the same time though, It’s official, I’ve been reviewing restaurants for longer than I worked in the food service industry. I celebrated with a few treats from one of my favorite Dayton cupcake joints, Moore Dessert Please!

The past year has been a real blast, too. While my biggest project was a giant foray into the Chicago dining scene, I’ve also posted reviews to Indiana, Tennessee, and of course, every major city in Ohio. Dayton and Cincinnati have become my primary focus (sorry Columbus! I just don’t get up there like I used to.) and at 355 restaurant reviews, I think I’ve found a lot of little gems to try and love along the way. At this point, it’s sad to see just how many restaurants don’t make it to the three year mark, statistics about it always surprise me, but it’s sad to see many of the places that I once reviewed gone, one way or another.

While I’ve gone through cycles of different levels of activity with Another Food Critic, It’s a little frustrating to say the amount of time I’ve had to devote to the site has been low in the past few months, and it appears it will continue to be so over the long term. Believe me when I say that I am just as excited to try new places and write about them, and anyone who knows me knows the amount of writing I’m doing these days is way, way greater than it has been before. Make no mistake, though. The blog will absolutely continue to bring you the scoop on the best restaurants in Ohio and beyond.

I’ve loved the trip that has brought me this far. The feedback and the following I have received from you, my readers, continues to really make this worth it. I look forward to seeing where we go next.

What do you want to see on Another Food Critic? As always, don’t hesitate to comment or email


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