Fressa Food Truck (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of May 2014, Fressa Food Truck is closed.
Food Truck
Dayton, OH 45402
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Fressa has the distinction of being one of the oldest of the growing number of food trucks popping up in Dayton, having first hit the road in late 2011. A few years in, they still seem to be one of the most popular places folks will get a bite to eat, whether you find them on Courthouse Square or one of the many events around town, the big orange truck always seems to attract a crowd. The cuisine is deceptively simple; most of the dishes are simple American cuisine, but in the end everything has a unique taste and a quality to it that leaves me wanting more.

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So the signature item, the Fressa Burger, doesn’t sound notably different from your average burger. A third-pound patty topped with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and some mayo, it’s a simple thing. But when you bite into it, you taste the difference. It’s delicious; the burger is juicy and the edges are seared in just the right way that the flavor is locked in until you take a bite. At six bucks, it’s a real bargain too, especially with the custom-made house chips.

Another of my favorites from the truck is the pulled pork sliders, which are also char-griddled and served with a sweet barbecue sauce. Of all the things to top them, it’s a pasta salad. The salad is the sort of home-made kind, and by itself I would call it a little pedestrian, but together, the flavors actually match up and complement each other pretty well. My only complaint is it always leaves me wanting more of that delicious, juicy pulled pork. For a solid five dollars, you’d be hard pressed to find a meal this good around downtown, to be sure.

The people here are always nice, and they’re always quick to get food out. On the square at least, things can get crowded and hectic during lunch rush, but they seem to be handling the stress of it extremely well. I’ve seen them at the growing number of food truck rallies held around Dayton, too, and that’s a real judge of good management when a food truck gets its orders out effectively.

From an insider perspective, it seems that Fressa is something of a leader in the Dayton food truck scene. From a cuisine standpoint, I would say they have demonstrated they have both the skill to make good food and the ability to manage crowds and popularity well. It’s a stop I recommend along the Dayton food trail.


  • The Fressa burger is the best on the menu, I think. 
  • You’ll spot Fressa on Courthouse Square sometimes, and sometimes they’ll be at individual events or locations. There isn’t really one consistent place you’ll find this truck.
  • Cheap eats! Fressa has dishes for five or six dollars, sometimes less.

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