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Lock 27 Brewing is the newest microbrewery in south Dayton. It opened its doors formally today, but unfortunately they also just got a liquor license, so they weren’t able to brew up their custom spirits in time for that opening. I am a big fan of the microbrews and the kitchen is getting a workout with its menu of small, but high-quality sandwiches. It’s a nice place, and it’s about time this spot in south Centerville, which has been vacant for something like five years, finally saw a new tenant.

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One thing that you’ll find immediately clear with the menu is that the offerings are small. There are a lot of places you can go to get a giant burger or a plate of wings with your fries, this place offers cuisine that is smaller but a little more refined. The small sandwiches are quality eats though, and I definite hope the place sets up beer pairings like I have been told they would.

  • Caprese panini: A panini with the classic Italian combination: fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil and a seasoning of olive oil. Simple and delightful.
  • Little Havana: Good! Cuban-style sandwich with black forest ham and pulled pork smothered in a mustard sauce and with a few other goodies on the side.
  • Bacon Burger: This third-pound patty is cooked to order and topped with extra crispy bacon, sharp cheddar, and all the veggies, and served with a side of fries and your choice of side. Extremely tasty pub grub.
  • Black Bean hummus: The black bean flavor is clear in there, but this app is still light and crisp enough that it goes perfectly with chopped veggies and pita chips.

I like the atmosphere; it’s a concept that seems to appeal to different groups evenly. The somewhat lowlit interior and oversized TVs at first make you think the place is a sports bar, but it’s not the case. The bar looks very attractive, and of course I’m a fan of the visible brewing equipment where you see the magic really happening.

The brews are great. It took some time to get them in, but Lock 27 has an interesting repertoire. In the winter, very heavy on the stout varieties. The “Scarlett,” an amber ale, was my favorite for its mild taste but full body. Followed by the “1492” red IPA.

I can say I like the idea of the place; it’s a different kind of brewery and tasting room concept, and it’s definitely going to find a niche.


  • The food servings are smaller. I don’t suggest coming with a big appetite, rather, you should expect some beer to sip as part of the meal.
  • If you’re not a beer fan, there is also going to be a set of wines to go along with the food.
  • I personally suggest you bring someone who knows beer; or at least ask the staff what beer goes well with what food. It might not be immediately apparent but some pairings are much better than others.

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