Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

21 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
websiteIMG_23873 stars

A chain of about 70 restaurants throughout the country, the Tilted Kilt is a medium-range dining option, sort of a sports bar concept with a twist. That twist is the scantily clad young ladies who go along with the Irish-themed decor. It’s just as easy to find pin-up photos of your local waitresses as it is to get a look at the menu. Of course, there will always be a market for such a restaurant. However, Another Food Critic is here to look at the quality of the restaurant experience, and that sort of stuff just doesn’t count. Take it away, though, and the experience is just average.


The food is interesting, it’s the kind of burgers and wings and other things that you expect from a sports bar. There’s a definite Irish theme to things, but it’s not a to-the-letter push for authentic cuisine. More like sort of a pun on the culture. The classic “Big Arse” burger is a ground chuck creation topped with cheese if you like. The classic wings come in signature sauce, “tilted,” or “kilt burner” spicier creations. There are a few items that are distinctly English, such as a fish and chips basket and an Irish stew pot roast. There are sandwiches and pizza and some subs too, between those and the appetizers, there are a ton of things to try.

Myself, I started my experience off with the Tilted Kilt Nachos, which I sort of found to be a disappointment. The meat needed some kind of seasoning, the cheese tasted like it came out of a bottle, and the onions and tomatoes tossed in for good measure didn’t really add anything. The drinks on the other hand were a little more interesting. You won’t find a huge selection of British beers here, but there are a ton of whiskeys as well as a lot of “beer cocktails” which were made from beer mixes, and some interesting mixed drinks. My favorite was the “baby Irish stout,”  Patrón XO Café with a Baileys float. I definitely think the mixed drink selection is the highlight of the place.

All said, the people were nice too. I’m sure there’s a certain hazard to working at a place like this as far has dealing with rowdy people, but the staff seemed exceptionally patient and pleasant, even as the bar was loud and sports were roaring on the screen. In the end, though, I think I can only actually suggest the place for a guy’s night out for some drinks and some sports. The food isn’t going to ruin your experience, I suspect it isn’t really about the food here at all. But if you’re in the mood for a genuine pub experience, this might not be your scene.

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