Busken Bakery

7565 Kenwood Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45236
IMG_21225 stars

You can grab any number of Busken’s sweet treats at any one of the bakery’s 10 locations around Cincinnati. It’s sort of a do-it-all bakery that makes cookies, donuts, and cakes, none of which has a famous or nationally renowned recipe. Because of that, it might be hard for a non-Cincinnatian to understand the popularity of the place, but truly it is an iconic brand of the Queen City. Many a local, myself included, has at least one good childhood memory of getting a Busken cookie or donut. For me, Busken will always have sentimental value, but I think there’s more than memories to be found here.

The bakery specializes in cookies, donuts, and cakes of varying kinds, many of which are themed based on the nearest holiday or can be custom-ordered to an event. The cookies are my favorites; the basic iced cookies are made soft and sweet, from the simple, year-round “smiley” cookie to the Christmas cookies, Shamrock cookies, and even cookies for the Super Bowl. The dough is soft but thick; it’s got a strong flavor of nutmeg and vanilla. The taste of these cookies is very memorable, to be sure.

The cake is much more light; it’s got a straightforward sweetness that dominates the palette, and the cakes are always generous on the icing, which again is a plus, I think. The basic vanilla has a very plain and statightforward flavor, the chocolate cake is very strong, too, and it accomplishes that chocolatey taste even without that typical boost of chocolate chunks of icing that some places rely on.

The service is great. Time and again, year after year and across several of the locations in Cincinnati, this might be one of the businesses I know best about how the service is managed over the long term. It’s always great. The people have always been nice, and it speaks well to a place that really has always appreciated its customer base and the people of Cincinnati who have loved it over the decades.

The Buskin Bakery chain is very much a Cincinnati business, and it’s one of my favorites in town to be sure. There’s a lot of things to like, and a lot of treats to try, but one way or another if you’ve got a sweet tooth in the Queen City, this bakery should be near the top of your list.


  • I love the cookies, so I say go for them before anything else. 
  • The donuts are also good, and I don’t mind suggesting the danish, as well.
  • The bakeries have very generous hours with the exception of Sundays, so make sure you know the hours before you get there.

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