Dragon City

3936 Marshall Rd.
Kettering, OH 45429
locationDragon City (Dayton, OH)
2 stars

Dragon City is a neighborhood Chinese food option in the heart of Kettering, and so it can serve much of south Dayton with its delivery and pickup service. There’s about no online presence, but the menu is just about the same as every similar-looking place in town. There’s a definite convenience factor here, in that they deliver, but I don’t suggest the place if you have a choice.

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I first tired the house lo mein, and there is a good reason there isn’t a photo here. It’s sort of soggy, the meat is fine but it’s also frozen, as are the vegetables. Not that this is a bad thing, but it’s pretty average. The noodles are cooked well, but the ingredients just don’t produce a good end result. The shrimp was decent, but I didn’t like the beef or the chicken, and the pork was dry. All that said, don’t get the lo mein.

The General Tso’s Chicken was fine, good enough to eat, but nothing especially good about it to where I’d say its worth going back for. The chicken is crispy and the sauce is decent, though it may come from a can. The rice is cooked properly, also. So I think there isn’t a problem of skill, it’s just a problem of unimpressive ingredients creating an unambitious end result. I will say though, that I was a fan of the Sesame Chicken. It’s basically General Tso’s with a little less sugar and a few sesame seeds sprinkled on top, but it’s served in a decent enough portion to fill you up easily. And, order a combo and you’ll get some pork fried rice, which is good minus the bland pork. It also came with an egg roll which is crunchy and stuffed with veggies. So the chicken dishes can kind of be a mixed bag.

The food is inexpensive, and they do deliver far and wide, so there will always be a demand for inexpensive and convenient. But don’t go to the place expecting anything special. Unfortunately you won’t find it.
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