Budina Pan Asian Cuisine

9114 West Chester Towne Centre Road
West Chester, OH 45069
websiteIMG_22193 stars

Budina Pan Asian Cuisine is a purveyor of just about all kinds of far eastern cuisine including plenty of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. It’s kind of a funny menu, really, because with all of the different kinds of food to try make it the kind of place where you can go with a big group of people and everyone will find something they like.


The menu really attests to a “little of everything” idea; the most popular dishes, according to the restaurant, are the always-popular Shrimp Pad Thai and the Vietnamese favorite, Pho beef noodle dish. I am always a fan of new pad Thai dishes, and this one is really nice, especially with the shrimp. It looks a lot spicier than it actually is, believe me. In fact, it’s actually a little sweet. I like the stuff, but I recommend it to someone who is new to Thai cuisine as a way to get used to the flavor profiles. There are a lot of other places in Cincinnati that outdo it on Thai food. The Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich looks delicious, too.

There are a lot of things on the menu that look pretty irresistible. You really might want to give the Vietnamese food a try, especially if you’ve never had it before, since this place has plenty of other things on its menu for cheap. The curry chicken seems to be a pretty popular option too. That said, I don’t suggest the “daily entrée” options because a lot of them are sort of the classic Chinese food options. They’re about the same as anywhere else, and there are more adventurous options here. I don’t suggest the sushi for the same reason, there are a lot of other places that specialize in the stuff, and they do it a lot better.

The service is good, in fact it’s really fast, and that says a lot, since for many of the regulars here, I’m sure convenience is king. The specials are pretty economical too, so there are plenty of ways to get a meal for pretty cheap, especially for lunch. But I primarily suggest it for the convenience and price, the dishes are good but I don’t personally find anything good here that is worth a special trip from out of town.


  • The most popular dishes are Thai and Vietnamese, and I would suggest them over the Chinese food or the sushi.
  • The restaurant is hard to see from the road, it’s on the southwest corner of a much larger office building with a lot of other stores in front.
  • If you want to dine in, the service is very fast.

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