Arcade Seafoods (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of January 2014, Arcade Seafoods is closed.
111 West First Street
Dayton, OH 45402
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While it might be easy to pass by Arcade Seafood without noticing it, the place is actually a longstanding, historic business in the city. Opened in 1944, this seafood shop was established in the once-proud Dayton Arcade downtown. When that spot hit hard times, Arcade Seafood moved from a spot on Ludlow Street to here, a corner on First Street. It’s kind of a neat place in that it’s both a place to buy fresh seafood ingredients, and it’s also a place to go for any number of fried seafood favorites for a dine-in meal.

So there are a ton of options for food, and I should warn you that most of them are fried. It’s hard not to like the seafood, in fact it’s delicious. Nowhere else in walking distance has fried catfish this good. The clam strips are definitely worth a return too. What’s more, it amazes me how fresh the fish tastes, this far away from the ocean it’s hard to find a place with this many kinds of fish that are so fresh. I’m really a fan of the soups, and if you frequent downtown at all then I would definitely suggest you stop in to at least try the lobster bisque, or the clam chowder, or the gumbolaya. Make no mistake, all the food I’ve had here has been really great, and I am absolutely a repeat customer.

It is sort of a frustration in my mind that, with all of these fish on the menu, there aren’t more options for how they’re prepared. They offer grilled chicken sandwiches but the only grilled fish on the menu is salmon? I understand that it can be time consuming to grill fish, but I can say from my standpoint that I would be back more often if there was a bigger variety of items on the menu. I can’t eat something fried every time I come out.

All of that of course applies just to the sit-in part of the restaurant, there are a ton of fresh fish options that you don’t have to buy fried. If you live downtown this is probably a good option to grab some of those things you’ll never find at the supermarket. All in all, Arcade Seafoods is really worth a drop by for any downtown regular; whether you’re up for a ton of fried food or just a simple cup of good seafood, this is your place.


  • There are different lunch specials every day, and a lot of them offer a pretty tasty meal for a relatively inexpensive price; lunch for $6 or so. 
  • Most of the fish here is fried, so keep that in mind if you’re on some kind of diet.
  • Also, there are fresh fish options to take home.

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