McNasty’s Great Food Truck

5141 Tallview Ct.
Huber Heights, OH 45424
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One of the food trucks which has popped up again with the warming temperatures, McNasty’s actually used to be a restaurant in north Dayton, founded in 1973 and run by Richard “McNasty” Bell. Continuing the tradition of that bricks-and-mortar eatery, McNasty’s Great Food Truck can be found these days around Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton, serving
up reubens, brisket and other kinds of quick sandwiches. People of all kinds seem to be used to its presence now, as it’s not uncommon to see a line of people from all walks of life around what seems to be an institution among Dayton food trucks.

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The Beef Brisket tops the menu, and I figured I would try it first. The brisket is juicy, though sometimes the fat ends can be substantial so watch out for that. The flavor is great; the brisket has a slightly smoked tinge; it was obvious that the meat was smoked correctly, and it has a great soft bite. It’s topped with a very sweet barbecue sauce and red onions, should you prefer them. There’s an option to top it with cheese, I tried American, and that was a mistake on my part. Maybe one of the other cheeses would be good, or maybe this sandwich is altogether better without.

Among the other items on the menu are grilled turkey, roast beef, the reuben of course, and some other quick lunch items like a French dip and a chicken quesadilla. I don’t have any specific favorite among them, so I imagine whichever sounds most appealing to you at the time will be good, I can’t really pinpoint a “signature” item that is a must-try for first-timers. Everything is in the $6 to $7 range, so have at it.

McNasty himself is very friendly, as is his staff. It’s kind of funny that this business is just a food truck which occasionally pops up downtown, it feels very much like a much beloved neighborhood institution; the staff knows the regulars and just loves the people. I suspect that many who loved McNasty’s when it was a bar in Huber Heights have come back again to enjoy those same favorites, and became dedicated followers. I can now count myself among them.


  • As far as I’ve seen, McNasty’s appears at Courthouse Square in downtown Dayton from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Monday through Friday during warm weather. They might note on Facebook if they show up somewhere else, though.
  • I was preferential to the brisket, though I would say there isn’t a “must get” item on the menu, everything is pretty good.
  • Supplies on items are limited and they run out of some things later in the day, so make sure you’re fast if you prefer a popular dish.

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