Gyro Palace

4884 Airway Rd.
Dayton, OH 45431
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It’s the epitome of a hole in the wall; this modest-looking dive nestled into a tiny space in the Airway Shopping Center on the edge of Dayton serves a ton of people from nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the surrounding neighborhoods, people who value a humble establishment like Gyro Palace for its variety of dishes, its value-minded pricing and its quick service. There are a ton of reasons you might pass by this place and never drop in; it’s hard to spot. It doesn’t advertise aggressively. People outside of the internet don’t seem to know it very well. But Gyro Palace is absolutely worth a try.

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The menu is surprisingly diverse; the classic gyro menu is there, as are the Greek salads and simple Greek deserts like baclava. Then there are a number of traditional Greek side dishes and snacks, the kinds of little goodies you’d love to sample for the simple pleasure of trying something new.

The gyros, the stars of the show, are delicious.

  • Gyro: The classic version with lamb come simple, topped with sliced meat, tomatoes and onions, and with fresh onion and tomato on top. The chicken gyro is excellent too, with amply seasoned white meat just slightly browned until its perfect.
  • Kabab: I sampled the beef kebabs, too, and they’re also great. Cubes of beef amply seasoned. I absolutely love it about Mediterranean food how the spices on the meat really drive the flavors.
  • Greek salad: Side dishes are pretty good, too. The Greek salad is the best by far, it’s just iceberg lettuce and standard olives, but once again it’s got a great set of spices to make it just a little of a kick. It’s served topped with a splash of a very nice vinaigrette  too.  
  • Fries: The fries are good, but fries are fries. There is also rice if you’re interested. And, of course, if you’re up for dessert, there are a few classic Greek pasties like baklava. It’s mainly a hotspot for lunch. I suggest heading somewhere else for lunch.
  • Chicken Shwarma: Sliced chicken with a special spice blend. Served alongside rice, which makes for a very filling lunch.

The Gyro Palace has a nice atmosphere, it’s definitely a hole in the wall with an economical setting, but worry not because the eye is entirely on food. The staff is nice and the food comes in pretty reasonable time, even during the lunch rush hours. Whether you’re up for a dining in or some carryout, the restaurant is focused on convenience for its food, which ends up being pretty delicious. If you live or work nearby, this is the perfect kind of place to make a fast lunch. Go for it!


  • The food is great, and sometimes there are coupons in local mailings. Don’t just throw those away, sometimes they have good deals.
  • This is a popular lunch place, so it really gets crowded starting around 11:30. Just keep that in mind.
  • The gyros, kebabas and salads are excellent, but you might want to search elsewhere for dessert.

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