The Filling Station Sports Bar & Grill

4317 Linden Ave.
Dayton, OH 45432
websiteIMG_19773 stars

The Filling Station is a community sports bar with two locations; one just off Linden Avenue in east Dayton, and the other in Troy to the north of the city. It’s a simple concept for a local drinking hole, with a bar dominating the middle of the place and surrounded by televisions, booths, and entertainment. It’s the kind of place you go to with friends who like to do more than just sit at a table and drink; and the kind of place with those always comforting bar foods. Oh, and microbrews. Those are always a good idea.


The menu is simple and straight as an arrow: sandwiches, wings, fried appetizers, and other things that go good with beer. Then there’s a menu of classic meats off the grill, such as ribs and sirloin plus steak, walleye and other seafood options. The bar food favorites are decent; the wings come by the half-pound and can be topped with one of a dozen or so sauces, which are pretty good, but the chicken itself isn’t great and texturally is sort of off. They’re better in ranch, of course, and you get plenty of them. The fried pickles; I love these, I’ve tried them in other places and a lot of people don’t do them right. The Filling Station chops the pickles into slices instead of spears and fries them. Other places do this and end up with overly greasy pickles, but these are good. They’re the type of thing to snack on while drinking, to be sure.

The microbrew menu is worth a look; there are a wide variety of beers at any one time, most are from all over the country but a few are from Ohio. At the time I only recognized one or two Cincinnati options, none from Dayton, but they seem to change up this menu often enough that one way or another you’ll find something cool to drink.

I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. It’s not glamorous, a real hole in the wall, and it really succeeds in creating that local bar feel. It’s the kind of place that is perfect to grab a drink with a friend on a Friday night, or to watch a game. It’s pretty convenient for its location too, and with the variety of foods offered, you’re sure to please whatever crowd you bring. So, the place has a pretty wide appeal. And that pretty much sums up The Filling Station; it’s the kind of place where a lot of different kinds of people with different tastes will find something they like. It’s a safe bet.


  • If you’re bored with your usual tap beer, the microbrew selection is great. 
  • I liked the wings, and the sauces are good. Generally I liked the bar food, though I didn’t try the dinner entrees.
  • There are a flurry of activities for the bars, ranging from trivia and kareoake to local bands and banquet parties available.

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