Jungle Jim’s International Market

 5440 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, Ohio 45014

If you’re a Cincinnati native, Jungle Jim’s needs no introduction.

The eccentric grocery and its eccentric owner, “Jungle” Jim Bonaminio, sell just about everything under the sun in their massive international market, from local microbrews to cuisine on the world like fish sauce, Kimchi, ugli fruit, fresh squid, and every kind of rice n the world. Literally, anytime a Cincinnati person is trying to cook something exotic, they head here to get the hard-to-find ingredients. Of course there’s a basic little shop for the quick essentials, but people come here for miles around to get exotic items. Shopping at Jungle Jim’s isn’t like your average grocery trip. It’s an experience.

Was there ever any question?

As far as the food Jungle Jim’s prepares and serves itself, it’s amazing. The bakery is chock full of delicious little delicacies from around the world, which are not only especially good, but very authentic. From fluffy light cream puffs to extra heavy Swiss chocolate, it’s the kind of place where you find those delicacies you just can’t get anywhere else. But the bakery is just the beginning. Jungle Jim’s does just about everything from a culinary perspective; they import the rarest ingredients, they butcher the freshest meats, and they have an isle or two for just about every kind of exotic cusine you can imagine. Truly, this place has been highly regarded in Cincinnati ever since it opened; coming here is no less than an adventure.

They don’t make their own beers and wines, but the website claims the place is home to 12,000 labels of wines and over 1,200 different brands of beers. This is not the kind of place you go for the “same old, same old.” Just about every local microbrew I can think of can be found here, and small-time operations the world over. The site claims this is one of the largest selections of beers and wines in the country; I have certainly never seen a place so big myself. On top of that, this place has a substantial selection of home brewing equipment. Be it beer or wine, most everything you can think of to get started can be found here.

When you meet any Cincinnatian and ask them about the most interesting food places in the city, Jungle Jim’s will come up every time. It’s fun, slightly eccentric, and the different things you can find here will just blow your mind. Hundreds of hot sauces. Just about every kind of meat that can be sold. Coming here is just an adventure; go exploring and you’ll find a thousand things here you won’t get anywhere else. Experiencing this place should definitely be high on your list of things to do in Cincinnati.


  • Come here for one of thousands of beer or wine options. They variety here is simply unrivaled in Cincinnati, possibly the state.
  • The bakery makes some delicious delicacies using some really authentic ingredients. These desserts are masterpieces.
  • The ingredients here, like meats and fruits and vegetables, are also unrivaled.

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5 thoughts on “Jungle Jim’s International Market

  1. One of my favorite places to go to! They have a decent beer selection, great cheeses, my favorite is the produce section though. Also a nice to place to pick up some imported Gnocci or Spotted Dick. I usually waste 3 hours per month at this place!!!!

  2. I think a jungle Jim’s international market would be good for Indianapolis.Indianapolis is one of the best places to put one.If there was a jungle Jim’s in Indianapolis it would beat the competition.Indianapolis has a lot of foodies type of people in it.Giant eagle,Krogers,Walmart, Target,Meijers,Whole foods,and other stores says its a good market for grocierys.Indianapolis’s location makes it ideal.

  3. Super Kmart just closed on east Washington street in Indianapolis,Indiana.The former Kmart store would be big enough for a Jungle Jim’s International Grocery store.Jungle Jim’s should grab it before saraga international grocery store.

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