Crosswalk Coffee (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2019, Crosswalk Cafe is closed.
118 East Main St.
Eaton, OH 45320
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Crosswalk Coffee is a quaint little shop serving downtown Eaton, Ohio, right along the Indiana border west of Dayton. The little shop is the kind of place with small groups of friends go for lunch to catch up. A donation jar looks for donations for the wedding of a local woman. Above the quaint decor is a sign with the four values any small town local can appreciate: Family, faith, friends and freedom.

If the shops across the street are Eaton’s social scene, then this place has to be its heart and soul.Chicken Salad – Crosswalk Coffee

The menu is a collection of the kinds of things mom used to make you for lunch back home; sandwiches and wraps filled with lunch meats and other delicious specialties. This is certainly the kind of restaurant you go to for a nice memory of home.  I tried what was the most popular item on the menu, the chicken salad, which was splendid; it’s not too thick nor too hearty but instead the right mixture of veggies without being to healthy. The sort of comfort food I miss from the past. The side dishes are bagged chips, so they don’t make them in-house, but also on the menu are baked goodies to sample if you’ve still got an appetite after lunch.

The coffee drinks are good, too. The coffee is a strong blend, it’s cooked well-done so it’s got a little of a char-brewed taste to it. It’s pretty plain to try with just cream or sugar, but I think it’s ideal to go with any of the other coffee drinks. I liked the latte, for instance. The stuff is served extremely hot, though, so by all means be paitent with it; I’m not sure I’ve ever had coffee that was uncomfortably hot for so long after I ordered it. That’s freshness, though.

The atmosphere isn’t fancy or over the top; it’s definitely got the well-lived-in feel of a beloved hometown business; no flashing lights needed. There are plenty of little tables to enjoy and a nice set of soft seats. It’s about what you’re picturing and not much more fancy; just a real nice sort of hole in the wall place. The service is excellent, very charming. It’s a real great small-town shop, the type of place you really can only find in an out-of-the-way hamlet like Eaton. Definitely a pleasant time.


  • I like the chicken salad, but there are a number of other sandwiches you would like to try.
  • The name of the place should be simple enough to get, but the coffee drinks are great, and I’d suggest getting something good; plain coffee is OK but there are more exciting things to try.
  • The food can be made to go, and certainly there are places to walk, but the seating in the restaurant is a little limited and a little tight so you may have trouble getting a table at the lunch hour.

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