Tostado’s Grill

3500 Eastern Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45226 
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One of Cincinnati’s Tex-mex dives, Tostado’s Grill near the East End is primarily a popular bar scene. Crowds seem to fill the place for sports and kareoake night as well as  birthdays, family dinners and other events. It seems to attract a real mix of people and creates a very eclectic atmosphere. Tostado’s is well-regarded for its great atmosphere, but it’s also got a great menu of Mexican dishes served, of course, with a good margarita.


Among the specials are the staples of any good Tex-Mex dive; tacos and burritos, enchiladas and more. The carnitas are great; they’re thick on the seasoning with plenty of pork. What’s better, they’re served alongside tortillas and plenty of veggies and cheese. It was a great dinner, though a little more than I could handle, but the food was still good. Some of the side dishes weren’t as stellar; the refried beans were only kind of refried; I get what they’re doing trying to make it textually unique, but there’s just no beating good refried beans with queso cheese. “Mexican cheese” mix just doesn’t do the trick. The rice was good too, but the vegetables really didn’t seem to make sense to me. The chips and salsa were decent; the salsa tasted good and was definitely packed with veggies, but those chips might as well be bagged. Good Tex-Mex needs some fresh ingredients; and though these ingredients seemed a bit more economical, I really liked the food regardless.

Really, what seems to draw the people out seems to be the atmosphere and the drinks; the margaritas are great; they can come on the rocks or blended; they’re about medium strength, so they strike a good balance between good flavor and good liquor. So, I have to say you should really give one of them a try.

The bar’s interior is really nice; it’s definitely a hole-in-the-wall, and it really seems to be the sort of place that is known primarily as a nightlife spot. The ample number of beers on hand and the giant spaces for parties leave a lot of space for big groups to spend an evening there, whether they’re interested in watching a game or just being with friends. I bet polling the readers would find a lot of good memories were made here, and that’s great. It’s the kind of place I look forward to going for a drink in the future.

Tostado’s is a nice little place to enjoy a night out. There’s no doubt in my mind many a Cincinnatian has enjoyed its good food and great drinks. If you’ve come in search of a final word on whether or not to give it a try, I would say it’s worth the test.


  • Try the margaritas. Really. Try them.
  • The place seems to be popular with larger groups, so I would especially suggest you bring a quantity of friends.
  • I’m preferential to the specials menu, but of course there are plenty of different dishes to try.

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