American Classic Donuts

4214 Linden Ave.
Dayton, OH 45432
locationIMG_19783 stars

American Classic Donuts is a little hole in the wall along Linden Avenue in east Dayton. It’s conveniently located, right off an exit of U.S. Route 35, near the interchange with I-675. Still, it seems to be attracting primarily locals. True to its name, the place seems to be the classic American small-town establishment, poised right on the edge of the city. Groups of guys enjoy donuts and coffee over lively conversation at the counter, as friendly employees serve up sweet pastries of all kinds. A place like this has a cult following to be sure.


The menu is straightforward: there are donuts, pastries, cinnamon rolls and more. The basic dough is pretty good; it’s very light and soft and with a little hint of cinnamon to it. It’s covered in a very sweet and sticky glaze, which has a straightforward punch of sweetness. They don’t mess around here, it’s a simple flavor, but it’s a good doughnut. Then you have the jelly filled variety, which has a delightful jelly filling. It tastes a little like store-bought jelly, but the texture is just right, not too thick or goopy, but smooth. The doughnuts are good. Sort of one-note with everything being very sweet, but that’s how doughnuts are supposed to be.

The atmosphere is great; it’s apparent that the place is a well-loved spot by locals, because it’s not easy to grab a spot in the small lot, and while there’s not a lot of space in the restaurant, it seems to be filled with people in the midst of a chat about days past and any number of Dayton topics. In all, it’s a nice place to make a stop, and I would readily say you would enjoy a sweet pastry from here any time.

Flavors to try: I’m always preferential to cinnamon rolls. Something with jelly in it is great, too.
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