Chicken Now

400 Premium Outlets Dr. #986
Monroe, OH 45050
websiteIMG_19093 stars

It’s got locations all over the country, and this rapidly growing chain of shopping center food stalls already has 50 locations open or on the way. Let’s be honest: you get a certain idea in mind when you think of mall food. Take that idea and set it aside. Chicken Now has a good recipe for its food, fried to order and very filling. It’s a little pricier than the places next food and it takes a little longer than them to serve the food up, but the quality is there.


The chicken is great. Chicken Now prides itself on having boneless chicken tenders as the backbone of its menu. Well the tenders are huge; just three of them are a filling meal. What’s more, they’re actually fried to order . To order! At least in my experience, fried chicken fast food isn’t commonly fried to-order. It’s seasoned with a sort of savory, peppery mix. Overall, though, the texture is great, the chicken is tender and served very warm. You don’t expect that level of freshness in a mall, and for that reason it’s absolutely refreshing to see Chicken Now and its success. This food is very worth your time.

The sides are also good. The mashed potatoes are creamy and come topped with a rich gravy. The coleslaw is mayonnaise-based and very tasty. It’s pretty flavorful compared to the stuff the competitors have. There are of course, fried sides, too. Really, the food is overall worth the experience.

The main thing you’ll want to know before you come here is whether or not the money is worth it. You don’t plan a trip to a place like this, it just happens out of convenience. That said, your food may take longer than you were expecting. It may at first seem a little frustrating, but really, if you just happened to wander by, you’ll be surprised and impressed at the quality of what you try. It’s an old-fashioned, made-to-order type place. To me, it’s not a question, particularly considering that the food is so easily packed to-go.

Chicken Now has appeared practically out of nowhere and skyrocketed to prominence in shopping centers all over the country. Having given it a try, it’s easy to see why the place has gotten so much love. In a time when people are forgoing the super fast, convenient and cheap to-go options for something with a little more quality, Chicken Now seems to be in tune with its audience. It’s promising to see places like this doing well.


  • Just about all the menu is boneless chicken tenders; no wings and no full pieces of chicken. That said it’s ideal  finger food for a quick meal while you’re walking around the mall.
  • I wouldn’t suggest trying it if you’re into a healthy meal, I didn’t really see anything that would be a healthy meal.
  • Expect the food to take a little longer here. It’s worth it.

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