Daniel’s Donuts

1878 South Maple Ave.
Fairborn, OH 45324

Daniel’s Doughnuts is about as straightforward a business as they come. It’s anything but flashy from the modest sign to the simple interior, to the sole mission of making donuts and pastries with the friendly charm of a local business. Humbleness goes well with this tiny abode, a community Donut house serving the Fairborn neighborhoods of Dayton. Yet while you might easily pass by the store should you be an out-of-town passerby, Daniel’s seems to mean more to the local community than another local business; it’s a place where a friendly group of people lovingly make a small-town product. Really, the epitome of the small business American dream.

The donuts are about as simple as they get; you can pick up plain varieties as well as cream-filled, custard-filled, and jelly-filled. The plain variety are crispy and slightly cinnamon for the dough, so they have a little crunch and a sweet aftertaste to go along. Very nice. I particularly enjoyed the cream filled ones, since they aren’t overly sweet or sugary, there’s more to taste in them than sugar.

By far, though, the most notable pleasantry about the place is the good service. People here have been more than gracious when I visit; they’re pleasant and conversational, always with a pleasant quip about the weather or sports. People lament the lack of charm in so many restaurants these days, but it’s the small places like this where community-centered businesses still thrive. People come through to pick up goodies for family or friends, and to them a place like this is much more than a simple place to pick up pastries, it’s the kind of small business where memories are made. Those are the intangibles that are most important.

Flavors to try: It’s a pretty simple and small donut menu, but you might enjoy the custard- or cream-filled varieties. They have cinnamon rolls, too.
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