Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe

101 East Alex Bell Rd., Suite 144
Centerville, OH 45459

Founded in 1983, the Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe is a charming local candy maker with quite an interesting history. It began out of the home of founder Bettty Blose, then moved to a historic building in downtown Bellbrook before settling in its current spot just of Interstate 675 in south Dayton. Nowadays the little shop hand-makes a variety of chocolate confections to satisfy long-time local customers. Near a lot of other businesses, but far from where you’d find yourself shopping for food, it’s easy to miss the place for the simple white sign that marks it. Once you sample the chocolate, though, you’ll see how the place has attracted such a cult following.

The chocolates cover an interesting array of things, from peanut-butter pretzels to chocolate graham crackers. They even forego the traditional caramel apple for a chocolate-covered variety. This isn’t “chocolate spam” where they just take anything they can think of and dunk it in chocolate; the chocolate makes sense on every item in the store. I have to imagine the small menu has gone through enough refinement to weed out the things that don’t make sense in order to create a truly cohesive menu.

The secret here really is the chocolate formula. It’s a mixture of light chocolate and dark chocolate, right at about the perfect proportion to suit a fan of either preference. If you like milk chocolate, then this is a new take on the stuff with a little more flavor. If you’re a diehard dark chocolate fan, the stuff isn’t too sugary for you. It’s brilliant, really, and it’s easy to see why the stuff goes so well on everything; it’s an intermediate flavor of light and dark that offers the maximum amount of chocolate flavor. Not too sweet, not too bitter.

The little shop has a very pleasant atmosphere; it’s not a large place, but that seems to suit it very well. The staff seems to be mainly family members, who are both friendly and appreciative of your business; it’s a very nice place to visit, the kind where your name is remembered and they always have the chocolates you like. It’s also undoubtedly the product of decades of loyal fans coming back to the Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe. You’ll really come to like stopping by, I think, because it’s just that kind of Midwestern small-business charm that’s easy to love. And, honestly, the chocolate is just better than the big corporate brands, for about the same price.

You may not have heard of Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe, even if you’re from the area. You won’t want to miss this place, though. It’s a true gem!


  • The beauty of these chocolates are they’re good for light or dark chocolate lovers alike.
  • Try the chocolate truffles or the chocolate-dipped pretzels first; they’re the right kind of taste introduction.
  • A lot of things are sold individually in the store for cheap; small portions for only a few bucks. You have the chance to sample a lot of confections at a reasonable price.

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