Habits Cafe

3036 Madison Rd.
Oakley, OH 45209

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There are plenty of bars along the Madison Road stretch of Oakley in Cincinnati’s eastern suburbs, but Habits Café is one of the more distinctive of them, characterized by its oversized front porch area and almost antique-feeling interior inlaid with heavy polished wood throughout. Habits serves heavy pub grub along with its myriad of drinks and beers on tap; definitely the kind of place you’ll want to bring a crowd for a drink. With so many places to drink in such a small area, it’s hard for the newcomer to pick out the right place to go first. You’ll quickly find this bar to be worth a sampling.

The mainstay of the menu is Habit’s customizable burger menu. It allows you to pick from a variety of burger types prepared in a variety of burger styles. You can get such burgers as the “Royal Mountie” (bacon, provolone cheese, honey mustard, and veggies) or the “White hot” (jalapeno, crushed red peppers, pepper jack cheese and so on) or even the “Texas” (Worcestershire mayo, Swiss cheese, mushrooms and more.) If these aren’t good enough, you can pick your protein from a few different options, from a Garden burger or a turkey burger to a Cajun spiced burger and ostrich. Then you pick the kind of side you want, from garlic fries to sweet potato fries and, believe it, more. Basically you could come here a hundred times and have a different meal each time. It’s a pretty cool idea. Also, the burgers are enormous. It’s a big, delicious, messy feast.

Then of course there’s the rest of the menu, which is a lot to be spoken for. There’s a wide array of soups, salads and sandwiches to try, plenty of fish sandwich options as well as BLTs and grilled cheese. There are appetizers, too, personally the bruschetta was great, though you also might want to try the wings or the chicken fingers, they’re good too.

The bar’s a pretty interesting place to visit. There are several dozen different beers on tap at any one time, and the friendly staff seems to keep in good spirits even when the bar gets packed with people as it does on the weekends. All in all, Habits Cafe is a really neat bar concept, the kind that’s worth a lasting visit to savor; it’s got the feel of an old-fashioned drinking establishment but the liveliness of a weekend hotspot. Consider paying a visit for a drink or two.


  • Definitely come here for the burgers, they’re the main bar food to be enjoyed, and with a hundred different ways to make them, everyone will be able to build a style they enjoy.
  • This is the kind of bar that’s good to hang around with a group. There are televisions for watching sports, a wide array of drinks, a pool table, and a porch.
  • Also, they have an open mic night on Sundays.

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2 thoughts on “Habits Cafe

  1. I went to Habit’s for hamburgers a couple of times. The food was poorly prepared, the service was surly and the place was kind of dirty. Nasty.

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