Golden Nugget Pancake House

2932 South Dixie Dr.
Dayton, OH 45409
Facebook pageGolden Nugget Pancake House (Dayton, OH)

Predating the famous Chicago chain of restaurants, Dayton’s Golden Nugget Pancake House is more of a daytime diner than anything else; serving breakfast favorites and sandwiches all day long in a family-style restaurant which regularly sees people lining up to get some delicious comfort food. The Golden Nugget is well-known around Dayton and is a very popular place; take a visit and try one of the many daily specials, and you’ll soon find out why. People come here for delicious meals, and even the simple dishes really rock.

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Golden Nugget has a different breakfast special every day, featuring a ton of great food at outrageously low prices. You’ll be full in under $10. Take, for example, the Friday special, a giant omelette along with potatoes and a choice of pancake, biscuits or the like. There’s no topping it.

  • Omelettes: The omelette choices are great; the simple cheese omelette is stuffed with a creamy, gooey cheese that just melts all over the eggs and smothers them with flavor.
  • Grilled potatoes: The potatoes are crisp, heavy and very filling, they’re the perfect solution to morning hunger pangs, and they’re good with just about anything you want to top them with.
  • Pancakes: The pancakes are golden brown and very buttery, you barely even need syrup to make them really rock.
  • Chicken salad: One of those old-school sandwiches with a creamy chicken and onion and grape diced concoction, between toast. Man, everyone loves this place.
  • Biscuits: Then, of course, you could also try the biscuits, which are also smothered in a very thick sausage gravy; literally chunks of sausage to indulge in over the buttery thick biscuits. Really, I could go on all day about this breakfast food, because it’s the kind of stuff I could eat all day.

Of course, I should mention the variety of sandwiches and lunchtime favorites to try, but in truth every time I hear this place mentioned, people are gloating about the breakfast food. I think that’s what people really go for.

It’s amazing, this close to Dayton, how comfortable the diner feels. It could practically be a country kitchen out in the middle of nowhere; it’s got small-town charm, even when it’s surrounded by dense neighborhoods and busy commercial shopping areas. Definitely the kind of place that attracts families and an older crowd.

Really, it’s the perfect combination of things that go into a good restaurant at Golden Nugget; the food is so good that it’s attracted a dedicated following, the atmosphere is so relaxing that it’s practically a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding suburbs, and the prices of the daily specials ensure you’ll never overpay for good food. In short: Golden Nugget is an absolute must-visit. You won’t be able to go just once.


  • Really, people go here for the breakfast food, so that should be the first thing you try. Daily specials make it easy to try inexpensively.
  • The pancake house gets very full around lunch hour, so you’ll want to go early or late if possible.
  • An older crowd is really attracted to this place.

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