Little Miss Cupcakes (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: Little Miss Cupcakes has closed.
133 East Wooster St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402
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Another fresh new option on Bowling Green’s main stretch, Little Miss Cupcakes is a sweet little store selling home-baked goodies for local residents and Bowling Green State University students. It’s a small-scale operation, selling different cupcakes every day, but even the casual observer might notice the creativity that goes into these tasty little cakes. Bowling Green hasn’t had a lot of dedicated local bakeries until recently. It’s really cool to see one spring up with a cool take on dessert items like this one does. Passerby will find it worth a detour.

The cupcake menu changes daily, so you’ll need to consult the Little Miss site to make sure you know what you’ll have to choose from. Overall, though, the cupcakes are pretty good. There are the basic cupcake types; red velvet, chocolate cake, vanilla, and so on. Most of the cupcakes, however, are themed after various dessert delicacies; from candy bar iterations like the “Almond Joy” and “Oreo” to decidedly more creative flavors like orange creamsickle, root beer float, and chocolate covered cherry. I personally love the Oreo version, it’s like a cookies and cream ice cream cake; the icing is smooth and light and with chunks of Oreo cookies throughout. Another of my favorites is the peanut butter cup; normally peanut butter-themed goodies have a thick, heavy and sometimes oppressive peanut butter presence. Here at Little Miss, though, the butter cream frosting has a hint of peanut butter, so it’s still pretty light.

The cupcakes are good, the cake has a subtle flavor, and the frosting for each cake is very sweet and with the flavors as a secondary taste. It’s sort of like the kind of cupcake that you imagine being made at home, but with all of the effort and creativity done for you. Wonderful!

The people are good and the service is great too. It’s a pretty streightforward establishment to sample. Bowling Green should find this store easy to get behind. It’s really worth a trip.

Flavors to try: Peanut Butter Cup is good and uncharacteristically light. Oreo is also great.
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