The Stone’s Throw Tavern

176 East Wooster St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Another of the newer bars gracing Bowling Green’s main stretch, Stone’s Throw Tavern brings a new and interesting perspective to the area as a definitively Irish-flavored pub. It’s got a funny interior of stone with the feel of a close-quarters pub, spliced with a sleek modern bar feel that keeps the central areas of the concept wide open for large groups looking to socialize. There’s a decidedly English tone to the food you’ll be trying here, but don’t be intimidated. They cook everything with beer, that’s their specialty. And man is it a good idea.

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The burgers, the appetizer, the pot pies, all of it seems to have beer in it somehow. From the delicious burgers with their stout-infused burger. I suggest trying them, they show an interesting and skilled combination of ingredients. Even the portobello burger is great, it’s topped with sauteed vegetables which really add a zesty flavor. The side dishes to the burgers are also all homemade, from the crisp Saratoga chips to the salt and pepper dinner roll with butter. It’s all house made, and it’s very apparent. This is just better food, in all regards. Quality, taste, and skill of preparation.

The English favorite, the pot pie, also has a great beer theme; the Stone Pot Pie is filled with steak, vegetables, mushrooms, and a stout gravy, which has an interesting beer taste I think is my new favorite for that dish. Then the flaky crust tops it off really well. Even the salad has beer in it; all of the salad dressings are made in house, but the house vinaigrette is made with Irish whiskey. And yes it’s outstanding. With refined beers being all the rage these days, it’s cool to see a place which can figure in creative new ways to prepare food with those beers and spirits that preserves a unique flavor.

The environment of the bar is really sort of a hybrid environment that everyone will enjoy. Taverns are in theory supposed to be dark and dank, and some parts of the bar feel kind of close in, but then it also has a spacious central area with sports televisions and an island for groups of people who want more of a sportsbar-type scene. In truth, it’s well executed and both types of person will find the bar comfortable.

The menu at The Stone’s Throw is the kind of thing you won’t find anywhere else in town. It’s an interesting and very quality addition to the Bowling Green bar scene, and one you’ll really want to add to your list of must-stops.


  • Try the burgers, they’re great. Alternatively, you might want to try the pot pies.
  • The secret ingredient to the food is that much of it is cooked with alcohol. It’s great, but probably best for a group of adult friends who appreciate the taste.
  • This is another spot with a variety of microbrews on tap, which are worth sampling.

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