Reverend’s Bar & Grill

130 East Wooster St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

One of the many dive bars along Bowling Green’s main stretch, Reverend’s Bar and grill is a special kind of unique; its festive interior sports a great variety of microbrews and cozy tables line the walls with groups of couples and families alike. This isn’t your average dive, though, and it sports cuisine that is also anything but. While I admit it’s got a very specific tone that might at first seem off-putting, once you stick around you’ll find a place that just about anyone can agree is awesome. Reverend’s is a definite must-go if you’re in this town for a night.

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The outstanding food comes in a deceptively small menu; it’s primarily bar food and burgers as well as some tex-mex items and a few sandwiches.

  • Burgers: You absolutely must try the burgers  They’re immense; even the hungriest will want to grab a doggie bag. From the simple classic burger, here called the Big Kahuna, to the complex and delicious, such as the Desperado, which is a beef and chorizo sausage mixture topped with avocado, chipotle mayo, and smokey salsa. Spectacular, and just a little spicy. Also good is the Hangover Special, topped with ham and a fried egg; it’s breakfast in a hamburger but definitely has a very charming feel.
  • Grilled Portobello Cap: A portobello burger topped with spinach, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese. Juicy like a meat burger, but not too much. The Florentine toppings are great.

All of the food here has sort of a creativity to it, but more importantly it’s just really good food. There’s a fried goat’s cheese served topped with vinegar and some toasted bread on the side to taste. Then, of course, there is fried bacon. Yes, literally fried bacon. It’s served alongside a thick ranch-like beer sauce. Probably one of the unhealthiest things I’ve ever written about, but hey. Go with a big group of friends and split an order. Yeah, it’s all bar food they serve here, but it’s quality food.

See, the problem that has really plagued Bowling Green until lately is a real lack of creative restaurants. It’s a college town amidst a rural farming community, so maybe that stuff has been hard to bring in, but in that atmosphere, Reverend’s shines all the brighter among the glint of uninspired competitors. It’s got good food you’ll want to come back for, not just because there’s nothing better.

The beers are really worth mentioning, too. Now, I don’t believe they brew any of their own beers here, so it’s not a microbrewery, but they only serve craft beers and microbrews here; in fact you can’t get a big brand name draft. A lot of locals might not like that very much, as will a lot of people who aren’t adventurous with their food, but even when I came with those types of people, they really warmed to the experience in the end. It completely won me over, too. Glad to see this place in Bowling Green.


  • The burgers are the best thing on the menu.
  • If you’re with a group, try splitting an appetizer among the group. They’re really best split among several people.
  • Also keep in mind they only serve craft beers here. No major brands allowed.

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