China 1

5676 Springboro Pike
Dayton, OH 45449
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There are innumerable corner Chinese food places sprinkled around south Dayton, but China 1 is probably best known as one of the few that deliver. It’s got the basic menu of Chinese dish favorites, all the favorites you would expect. The food here is good; you can probably picture what the dishes are going to taste like. It’s a safe option for some good convenient food; I think you’ll come to find it as a reliable option for a quick bite.

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The experience is pretty straightforward. The food relies on the simple, classic recipes you’ve grown to love from Chinese food places. The chicken is cooked well and when it’s fried, it’s got that crisp crunch that stays with it even when it’s lathered with sauce.

  • General Tso’s Chicken: Everybody’s favorite dish, the General Tso’s Chicken, is great, it’s got that sweet sauce with just a hint of spiciness.
  • Rice: The rice is steamed fresh, which makes a huge difference. Unlike most similar places which tend to steam huge batches which quickly dry a little, this white rice is about the perfect level of moistness.
  • Crab Rangoon: Another of my personal favorites, is also great, crispy fried, but it’s pretty basic. I don’t know how much crab is in the stuff, but it tastes like it’s just about all cream cheese. I like the texture to it, but it’s also basic.

Therein lays my main criticism of the dishes here. They’re all uninspired. I mean you can picture exactly the dishes you’ll be tasting here. They’re solid recipes, but that’s because they taste about the same as every other Chinese place you’ll try; no more and no less. That’s good reason to like the place if you happen to live nearby, but there’s really nothing about it that’s so good it’s worth any kind of special detour.

The service is average. The people are generally pleasant, though they aren’t very loquacious. As far as delivery service goes, delivery times are high normal, closer to 45 minutes unless you’re close by or a very regular customer. Then again, the fact they deliver says a lot. There are a few other Chinese food places in the area that deliver, though this is not the norm.

I did enjoy the experience with this restaurant. In truth, it’s the kind of place you’re going to order from one way or another because you don’t have the time or motivation to seek an alternative. That is fine. This is a safe route to a good dinner, and the kind of place its neighbors should get to know.


  • The favorite old Chinese dishes here are good; it’s a safe place to get some familiar food.
  • Honestly I suggest trying China 1 if it’s convenient. It’s not worth any kind of special detour, as the recipes and menu seem to be about identical to the other Chinese food restaurants in the area.
  • They deliver, which is probably the main reason you’re going to order.

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