Matera Caffe

1219 East 2nd Street
Franklin, OH 45005

Just outside of downtown Franklin and conveniently close to the Interstate 75 corridor, Matera is a house-turned-lunch spot with a very refined interior and a refined menu to match. While it outwardly seems like a quiet coffee shop, I would describe it more as a sophisticated lunch spot, the kind of place you like to enjoy some company or family time. If by chance you stumbled upon this place out of the blue, you may at first be turned off by the prices, but if you stay, you will find the place has great food to match.

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Actually, the menu has a mix of a bunch of different things. There are soups, salads and sandwiches, which are certainly the most popular things, but there’s also a menu of a bunch of other refined delicacies; wood-fired pizza, grilled steak and ribs, breakfast omelettes, and even burgers. It’s not the traditional coffee house menu, and with slightly elevated prices, you’ll be wondering if the quality is there. The answer is most definitely yes. The menu is brilliantly conceived and executed with a deft hand. The sandwiches are exceptional. Quality meats topped generously with vegetables and sauces and lightly browned. The sides, from the fries to the Saratoga chips are great; definitely made in house.

The coffees are absolutely worth a visit by themselves. The specialties  from the Cafe Mocha to the Macchiato, definitely taste high quality. It’s the kind of coffee you appreciate only by sitting down and relaxing with it. The macchiato was unbelievably smooth and velvety, it’s so refined and delicious, I didn’t even prefer the caramel topping, it was good on its own. Such is the strength of all of the coffees here, it’s definitely the kind of place where you want to sit down and savor everything you have.

Service is good. I felt a little rushed, like you’re supposed to enjoy everything here, but it’s not the kind of place that you can spend the whole afternoon sitting around. Still, it’s the kind of place where small groups of friends congregate. Groups of moms congregate with their groups of children and couples look for a nice meal. I would agree that the prices here are a little elevated and lunch and dinner cost about the same, but these things are offset by an online coupon system that you might consider if you want to come back here again.

Matera Caffe is a unique place, refined as it is delicious, that is hard not to love. The food’s great, the coffee is good, and there are plenty of reasons to come back.


  • The coffee doesn’t look like a huge part of the menu, but it’s definitely a strength of the restaurant.
  • Coming for lunch and trying the soups and sandwiches might be the best place to start, and you’ll definitely get a chance to enjoy the ambiance.
  • I would suggest the online coupon and QR code specials, which you can subscribe to on the website.

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