Eclipse Coffee & Tea (CLOSED)

Editor’s note: As of 2017, Eclipse Coffee & Tea is closed.
2481 Wilmington Pk.
Kettering, OH 45429
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A new coffee concept opened this past June and serving Kettering in central Dayton, Eclipse Coffee & Tea is a small family owned coffee shop with a pretty simple charm. The midnight-themed little shop looks unassuming from the outside, but once you sit down to give it a try, you’ll find it’s a pleasant place to linger, to try a unique cup of coffee and enjoy the small business ambiance. There are an infinite number of chains and corporte-feeling places along Wilmington Pike. It’s sort of an intangible charm; the kind you can’t feel until you set foot inside.

The menu is pretty simple, actually, there are a few sandwiches as well as a pita and some salad and a vegetarian chili. The sandwiches are good; most are served on a thick bun with cold cuts and some seasonings. I was a fan of the Ham and havarti sandwich; the cheese is paired with a mayo to add a very subtle undertone of flavor to the sandwich, which is just enough to make it unique. Most of the items on the menu are distinctly healthy; several are vegetarian so you should enjoy bringing health conscious people out for a meal on the lighter side. There are also pasties and baked goods, but they are produced by Ashley’s Pastry Shop in Oakwood.

The coffees and teas are also good. As far as I can tell none of the teas are produced by the shop and it does sell a number of  whole-bean and flavored coffees brewed by Seven Hills coffee in Cincinnati. In the store they also bring in plenty of coffee drinks and some seasonal goodies, like an apple cider and pumpkin drinks this past Autumn. There are quite a few coffee drinks to try, and they’ll probably be the thing that brings you here first. Definitely go for the seasonals.

The atmosphere of the place is nice. In general, it’s pretty dark, with moons covering the midnight walls and an overall low-tone ambience. It’s the kind of place you like to linger and chat, and indeed few people I saw passing through were out to grab and go. It’s got wifi, plenty of tables and some nooks, so you’ll find a few good chances to settle in for a stay. That’s the main thing that would bring me back, and my favorite part of the place. Prices are on the high end of normal, especially for the food.

New family-owned coffee shops like this one are really refreshing to see, especially in this part of the city where they’re so lacking. Eclipse has a cool interior, a promising menu, and plenty of coffees to bring you back.


  • The seasonal coffee drinks really impress me. Give that menu a look when you stop by.
  • Consider this a place to come in and stay awhile. It does in fact make things to go, but something about that cool interior draws me to stay awhile.
  • Also, they sell their own coffee if that impressed you.

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