CBCB Bar & Grill

2495 Commons Blvd.
Beavercreek, OH 45431

Just south of the Mall at Fairfield Commons in west Dayton, CBCB Bar & Grill is a newcomer to the area which is overfilled with generic chain sports bars. The place has the advantage of a sports bar atmosphere and menu, as well as the convenience of being so close to all the excitement near the mall, but at the same time is tucked in a back road affording it a little more of a low-key environment. All told, the food is generally good and the experience is one you’ll enjoy if you’re attracted to the sports atmosphere but don’t like the crowds bigger places tend to attract.

The bar burgers are good; they’re cooked very well and seasoned equally well. Topped with plenty of vegetables and a side of crinkle-cut fries. The good news is that this burger is either flame broiled or otherwise cooked over a fire; it tastes smoky and delicious, lacking the blandness that plagues so many other bar burgers. Also, the are a ton of varieties to the burger, from the standard iteration to a “Dragon’s Breath” burger with cajun spices, and a number of healthier burgers including a bean burger and a portobello burger. The bad thing, though, is that the ingredients are simply arranged in house. They aren’t made here. I dealt with these third-pound Angus burger patties in the food industry. They’re frozen, mass-processed, and sometimes artificially flavored. Yes, plenty of restaurants use frozen patties. But then, plenty of restaurants are average.

The other dinners on the menu are mostly chicken dinners and sandwiches, which have much better potential than the burgers. There are plenty of appetizers and a menu of wings. I suggest giving these other items a try first, and maybe you’ll be more impressed. That said, I’m not criticizing this food; I’ll definitely be back. It’s just that as is, nothing jumps out as unique.

The atmosphere is nice, as I mentioned before, because sports bars tend to attract huge and rowdy crowds. At the same time, you’re not always comfortable heading to a local dive bar for a game because they don’t necessarily seem as welcoming. CBCB has the right balance because of its location. The prices are very reasonable, and it prominently displays Cincinnati sports. Even better, it’s close enough to a lot of other bars in the area, but just far enough out of the way that you won’t be uncomfortable on game day.

With so many bars in the area, you might be turned off at the thought of trying another. But give this one a try. It’s got potential, and definitely has some staying power.


  • For lunch, the food comes very quickly and there are great meal deals for cheap food.
  • I suggest sampling the sandwiches or the dinner plates first, as they are the most creative and unique.
  • There are quite a few vegetarian options to try here.

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