Zip Dip

4050 Drew Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45248

A small-time operation, Zip Dip is sort of an old fashioned fast food stand serving west Cincinnati. Opened in 1950, this homely little stand excels in making ice cream creations, from soft serve to malts, sundaes, hot fudge creations and so on. This place is a family business, which prides itself on the very friendly local audience it attracts; little league teams celebrating a victory – or swallowing a defeat. I get the charm, this is the kind of place you’ll want to go to that will pick up your spirits. Something is just magnetic about it.

So the top spot on the menu definitely goes to the ice cream, which is a very tasty soft serve creation. It’s about perfect texturally, because it’s got a very creamy texture, extremely soft, it’s ice cream at that perfect texture. What’s better, it’s got a very subtle flavor that’s great. It’s not like ice cream where it’s got chunks of something or another in it. It’s just good texture and great flavor. It meshes perfectly with the other items in the sundaes. Soft fudge, crunchy nuts and thick whipped cream only make this stuff better. Seriously, I don’t know if they make this ice cream themselves but I can say it is different and worth a try.

There’s a smaller menu of food items, mostly generic fast food stuff like hamburgers, cheeseburgers and other burgers. There are hot dogs and cheese coneys, really the sort of food you expect from a corner fast food place. You’ll find corn dogs, chips, and even soft pretzels. As interesting as this stuff is, it”s just the basic stuff, about average. I would definitely say go for the ice cream first and foremost, that’s the stuff that will really make you fall in love with this place.

The atmosphere is fantastic. There’s no indoor seating so the experience really is very weather dependent. Still the people are very nice and friendly. The food comes very quickly. It’s such a home-grown, old-fashioned kind of place that it’s hard not be attracted to the charm. You’ll really want to drop in with a family, or at least with your kids. One way or another, Zip Dip is a positive neighborhood institution; a small food stand lost in time, without the conveniences of the modern dining experience but so rich in all those little details that make for a great experience nonetheless. You’ll really want to make the trip to see Zip Dip. It’s just not the kind of place you run into every day any more.


  • You’ll want to come here for the ice cream first and foremost. It’s a delicious soft serve, I don’t know that there are any healthy ice cream options though.
  • There aren’t any interior seating accommodations, so plan to either pick up and go or to wait to come though on a warm day.
  • You’ll also want to try the quick fast food dishes if you’re hungry for more than ice cream.

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