John’s Son’s Donut Depot

650 North Main St.
Bryan, OH 43506
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Serving the small but quaint town of Bryan right on the edge of Ohio’s northwestern corner, John’s Son’s Donut Depot is the kind of small-town gathering place that every community loves. For this town of 8,500, it’s the kind of place that locals find themselves early in the morning before the day begins; the gravel parking lot is filled with the trucks of local early-risers, the seats are filled with friendly old-timers sharing stories, and the racks of the ovens are overflowing with delicious donuts and other treats. It’s everything you could imagine, a testament to the pleasantries of life in small-town Ohio.

The donuts are good. They’re a basic recipe which is pretty simple, but they’re the perfect breakfast food. The donuts are pretty small and easy to munch; $4.50 gets you half a dozen and there are several dozen varieties; sprinkles on some, chocolate frosting on others, and still more jelly filled donuts and some cinnamon rolls. There are cream filled eclairs and donuts topped with nuts. Really, whatever your taste, you’ll find a donut here that you’ll like.

The donuts themselves are made fresh daily, and you’ll really want to eat them as soon as you buy them, if not soon after. The donuts are great; they’re moist and tasty. There are quite a few other pastries in the donut family to be enjoyed, all in all it’s a pretty great food. Particularly in a small town like this where good local establishments abound, it’s nice to have a donut and pastry place like this.

The best part about the place, though, would be the environment. It’s typical small-town type restaurant, with time-worn tables and a simple interior which has been lost in time. In those booths, however, sat many sociable old timers and friends, up first thing in the morning and sharing their stories and town gossip. No doubt for many who have grown up in this town, the humble donut shop harbors untold sentimental memories an outsider like me could never truly grasp.

John’s Son’s Donut Depot is the kind of place that you just have to be a Bryan native to truly appreciate for its unique place in the community. Even so, for a just-passing-through visitor like me, it’s impossible to find another bakery like this one nearby. The prices are reasonable, the hours are great, and the people are the perfect amount of small-town charming. Whatever the reason you pass through Bryan, give John’s Son’s Donut Depot a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


  • This is the kind of donut place you’ll want to hang around. Plenty of people drive up and go, but still more come in and stay for a while.
  • Grab coffee while you’re here. It’s definitely an appeal for the place.
  • I suggest grabbing one of the donuts with icing first, though many of the pastries seem to be made with a similar dough recipe.

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2 thoughts on “John’s Son’s Donut Depot

  1. You took my comment off of your Bellbrook Chocolate story? Ironically, it looks like the food critic can’t take criticism himself. What a baby your are, do you still live at home with your parents or something?

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