Price Hill Chili

4920 Glenway Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Since 1962, Price Hill Chili has been a mainstay establishment in Cincinnati’s west side. The humble little diner serves up all kinds of diner favorites, from burgers and sandwiches, to breakfast and, of course, chili. The West Side in general has a lot of little family establishments like this, and it can be tough for an outsider to know which ones stand out. Just about every westie native I’ve ever met, though, has something good to say about the place. After paying it a visit, I think I understand the charm that makes the place just so nice to visit.

So, Cincinnati-style chili is a very unique dish, because it’s in general thinner in consistency. Lots of places around town have their own take on it, and Price Hill Chili is no exception. The stuff here goes really well on the cheese coneys. They use the perfect amount of cheese, too, which is important. I like the coneys. The chili on the spaghetti, though, leaves a little to be desired. The chili here has great texture, you see, but it’s a little too thin; it’s left with a small puddle of water on your plate. What’s worse, it’s a little bland. Cincinnati chili has all kinds of unique seasonings, like chocolate and cinnamon and spices. This stuff could use a little more of one of them.

The diner food could be a greater draw; all of the classic breakfast items like eggs, pancakes, waffles, and toast are on the menu, and they’re served up in that very friendly, familiar way you have to love. Price Hill Chili isn’t reinventing the wheel with its breakfast foods, they’re just the old-fashioned favorites you come to expect from a community place like this one.

The atmosphere is the best part of the place, I think, because it’s such a dive-type diner, it brings out lots of locals and lots of families, and the service is very nice. The servers are helpful and even talkative. Whether you’ve been coming here a decade or it’s your first time, you really do get a sense of feeling welcome. I love that. It’s also got that down-home friendly feel to the sometimes-cramped dining room, which is filled with photos, souvenirs, and other trinkets reflecting a long time in business, and giving the West Side a place to truly come to love.

While you might come in looking specifically for the chili, I am not convinced that will be the best thing for you to try. With so many bigger chains having refined that recipe, maybe it’s hard to appreciate a new variation. What you’ll fall in love with here is the kind people, the friendly service, and the all-around good feeling of supporting such a unique local business.


  • If you’re trying the chili, get it on the coney, and with everything. I don’t recommend it otherwise.
  • Breakfast diner foods are the greatest dishes to try.
  • Also, try the sandwiches.

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