Moore Dessert Please!

1003 Shroyer Rd.
Dayton, OH 45419

Set up in the northern edge of Oakwood, close to Dayton’s central core, Moore Dessert Please! is a small cupcake bistro making all kinds of iced treats. If the name sounds familiar, odds are you’ve heard of this place from the popular TV show “Cupcake Wars,” where it has now appeared twice. While it’s easy to pass by without noticing, try this place once and you really won’t want to forget it: what they’ve created here is a seriously good cupcake recipe. It’s the kind of place that makes you understand why you want to support local businesses; a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded market.

The cupcakes are generally made as small batches of daily specials; about 10 varieties on hand any given day. You have the cupcake basics like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and carrot cake. You have a lot of candy-based cupcakes like Kit Kat and Almond Joy which frequently make appearances. There are also seasonal fruits like banana, strawberry and pumpkin that make rotations. Really, the menu changes every day, and the only way to find out is to consult their Facebook page, which is updated daily.

Now the magic behind the cupcakes really rests in the icing. It’s a very thick recipe, not like the more common buttercream or cream cheese-based recipes, they’ve done something different and special to this icing; it’s whipped into sort of a heavy mousse. The result is fabulous, it’s not too sweet and has the consistency of ice cream. It complements the very sturdy flavor of the cake itself, which I so commonly find to be muted beneath too-sweet frosting.

There are also other baked goodies if you aren’t in a cupcake mood. Cookies and brownies are on hand as well. They advertise a few cake options on their website; priced based on size and fanciness. They range from sheet cakes to elaborate wedding cakes, so really just about anything. Obviously these are tasted by-appointment so I can’t speak to them. Judging by the recipe of the cake in the cupcakes, though, I bet it’s the same recipe, and that it’s fantastic.

The problem with so many cupcake places being open nowadays is that they sometimes get formulaic. Magnolia Bakery found a niche. Sprinkles Cupcakes found a niche. Not every corner cupcake place is able to do this. In such a climate, Moore Dessert Please! is absolutely an astounding success. If you caught them on TV, you’ll be curious if the cupcakes live up to the hype, and the answer is a resounding “yes.” You won’t want to miss out.


  • It would be impossible for me to track down the menu day-by-day. You’ll have to hit the Facebook page for that.
  • The shop offers frequent buyers’ cards to buy twelve get one free.
  • Don’t forget there are cakes to be ordered if you want more than a cupcake, but you’ll probably have to contact them directly about that.

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One thought on “Moore Dessert Please!

  1. I may have to give this place another shot. I have been there three times and each time I leave feeling underwhelmed. My friends and I have tried a variety of their cupcake flavors and we actually found their frostings to be heavy and cloyingly sweet! Maybe it’s a shortening based frosting that lets the powdered sugar flavor really shine through? But that was our experience. I’ve taken my kids there and they haven’t asked to go back, which they have to Bill’s Donuts and DLM. I did see them on Cupcake Wars and I will plan on going back, I’m just not floored by their cupcakes.

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