Ryba’s Fudge Shops

700 East Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

A delicious dessert option originating from Mackinac Island, Ryba’s Fudge Shops specialize in the indulgent. The fudge shops can be found at a few different locations around Lake Michigan, but all have one thing in common: whatever your wildest chocolatey dream, they will fulfill it. The shop is one of a few creative businesses the island can be proud to call its own, attracting people on vacation and natives alike. You give this candy a try and you’ll definitely remember it.

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The fudge is terrific; it’s heavy and very tasty. One of the great things about fudge is that a little of it goes a long way; this stuff definitely delivers. It’s decadent and extremely chocolatey, topped with cookies and icing, nuts, and you name it. No matter your preference, the fudge here is just over-the-top enough that one sampling will make you remember the name. It’s the place that makes elaborate desserts out of a treat you could otherwise find at any number of places. What’s better, they seem to have a place to make it in-house at each location. Though this brand has a few locations, its signature product is always fresh. Impressive.

It has to be said, of course, that Ryba’s also has a huge variety of candies. Of course you like chocolate. Do you like chocolate turtles? Cashwe clusters? Salted caramel? The traditional candies are all here. Then there are a few more. There’s a chocolate covered marshmallow. Then there’s a chocolate covered pretzel rod.  Of course they do know the best combination: chocolate and peanut butter. There are also homemade peanut butter cups and Nutter butters. Then there’s the chocolate bark. The chocolate bark is one of my favorites.

The shop is very nice, it’s extremely quaint and friendly. Those I visited have sort of a cute small-town minimalist feel, with a simple pink and brown decor. The fudge making area is visible to watch, which is kind of exciting. The people are very nice and friendly. In spite of the large and inner-city  nature of the shop’s Chicago locations, it seems to retain that feel of Midwestern hospitality.

There are a lot of cool little places around Lake Michigan. Mackinac Island has plenty of things to remember. Chicago’s Navy Pier has a lot of cool things worth coming back to. In all of these environments, having a place like this is really neat. You might consider Ryba’s the right place to get a good souvenir. Give it a try.


  • The fudge creations are of course the best. A little of it goes a long way, as the creations are usually decadent, over the top and packed with chocolate, icing and candy.
  • There are also a few candies that aren’t made in-house, like gummies. If you’re still buying for someone who doesn’t like chocolate.
  • There are also a number of corporate gifts and larger packages of candy for presentation.

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