JuneBug’s Cupcakes (CLOSED)

Editor’s Note: As of 2015, JuneBug’s Cupcakes is closed.
2423 Miamisburg Centerville Rd.
Miamisburg, OH 45459

One of several cupcake operations opened in Dayton in 2011, JuneBug’s Cupcakes brings a sweet taste to the Dayton Mall, an area of the south Dayton suburbs which has has otherwise had a remarkable drought of bakeries. A family operation, JuneBug’s is run by a brother and sister team which grew up in the restaurant business, and a remarkable eye for making sweet treats. The little store has a beautiful interior and cupcakes that are definitely worth a return trip. If you haven’t dropped by, you might want to make a trip.

The most popular cupcake on the menu is the buckeye, with a homemade miniature of the famous Ohio candy on top, as well as ground into the icing. It’s a pleasant surprise, actually, when biting into the cupcake. The little candy on top is delightful. As I understand it’s from a mother’s legendary recipe. The rest of the cake is skillfully balanced, you get the peanut butter and the chocolate in a very subtle way. Neither jumps out and overwhelms you. I also tried the “Orange Dream.” It’s fruity, but moreso in a candy sort of way, like an orange lollipop. It’s whimsical, and very neat.

There are a number of different cupcake options, the signature cupcakes have a lot of what you’d expect, from red velvet to caramel and a super-chocolate version. Confusingly, there are two sometimes-menus, a seasonal menu of summer only and winter only menu of flavors, as well as the “specialty” cupcakes which are only available one day or another. It makes my job harder to try them all, but that does make it exciting. There will always be new flavors to try.

The feature that I most enjoy is actually the size of the cupcakes. The standard cupcake is about a third smaller than what you may be used to, and there are also “cupcake pop” sized minis to try. The idea is that you buy several at a time. I’ve been endlessly frustrated that more cupcake places do this; a big cupcake is a large commitment for some people. A lot of places do sell mini cupcakes, but only in large, pre-selected packs, which are just unwieldy. Sometimes you just want two or three bites of a cupcake, you know? Anyhow even the most complex cupcakes have a mini version, which I love.

The cupcakes here are good, but the people and the atmosphere are really, really great. I didn’t come here at first because I assumed from its crisp decor it was a chain. Maybe before long, we will see them become just that.


  • There are rotating menus of cupcakes for each day of the week, as well as for each season. So, there’s always something new to try, but you’ll have to check online.
  • The hours of the shop are fluid. They close when they run out of cupcakes for the day. Keep that in mind.
  • A rarity among other cupcake places around here, all of the cupcake flavors come in a few sizes, so don’t fear coming here will wreck your diet.

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