Oktoberfest Zinzinnati 2012

I just couldn’t stay away from Oktoberfest Zinzinnati this year in downtown Queen City. There was just too much hype. Six blocks of revelers, 52 beers on tap and an enormous chicken dance? Yeah, this really is America’s Oktoberfest. And believe me, there is no shortage of good food. The place was practically overflowing with delicious sausages, plenty of pretzels and of course, good dark German Oktoberfest beer.

There was so much to do it was impossible to see everything. The local bars sponsored a 14K run, Fountain Square hosted  quite a bit of excitement, and of course, the locals were up to the task with much vigor. By nightfall there were huge lines for all of the delicious food, and the music provided by the many musicians made it absolutely one of the most exciting and interesting food festivals I’ve visited. There was a definite air of lightheartedness about as people scarfed down sausage and pretzels. But of course the beer are the biggest draw. Local breweries like Moerlein Lager House and Hudepohl Brewing Company with many Oktoberfests, Hefeweizens, Pilsners and Bocks. This time of the year, as the weather cools, the amber and dark beers really quench the palette perfectly.

I think the thing that makes Oktoberfest the most delicious is the number of people who come out just to make great German food. From decadent chocolate cream puffs to smooth German chocolate, you’ll be hard pressed to come here without grabbing some dessert. Before that, though, you’ll have to give a try to the savory Mettwurst, Bratwust, and hot dogs grilled up by the thousands along the downtown streets. Truly, this is a fest Cincinnati should be proud to call its own.


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