Put In Bay Brewing Company

441 Catawba Ave.
Put In Bay, OH 43456

While the many flashy resort bars along Put In Bay’s main stretch attract customers with pomp and circumstance, the Put In Bay Brewing Company, set a street back from the others, brings people in with a more subdued charm. The brewery has a low-key atmosphere to go along with the relaxed feel of the rest of the island. Put In Bay Brewing Company brings an interesting extra layer of culture to the island, with creative craft beers and a surprisingly complex menu, I quickly found this to be my favorite place on the island.

First and foremost are the beers brewed in-house. They’re a must if you’re on the island, because you can’t buy them anywhere off the island; they aren’t bottled or sold online. The beers are unique, really. My favorite, the Watermelon Wheat, is perfect for summertime, which is when you’d probably be visiting the island, anyway. It’s got a light body and a very pleasant aroma. The beer has a light taste of watermelon, perfectly integrated into the wheat. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the South Bass Oatmeal Stout, a heavy and dark chocolate malt which goes perfectly with the burgers and heavy items on the menu.

The food items are outstanding. Unlike what you might taste in the other bars in town, this one has a relatively light emphasis on seafood. Most of the food is instead more like bar food, like burgers, salads and the like. In spite of this, the fish items on the menu are absolutely great. There is a great menu of lettuce wraps; dishes served in lettuce as opposed to a bun. Maybe it’s aimed at healthy eaters and maybe not but the result is nonetheless delicious. The blackened tuna is seared rare and served with a lime ginger glaze and an avocado and mango salsa. It’s got a depth of flavor that is amazing, and it’s the perfect size for a meal. It’s an expert dish, evoking a much higher-class establishment that what you might see from the outside. The brewery certainly has a well conceived menu. The burgers and fries are beautiful and crisp as well.

Complementing this great food is a matching service which fits well with the feel of the restaurant. Something I love about Put In Bay is how laid back and easygoing people seem to be. The service in the bar reflects that well; the servers are talkative and friendly. There is an easiness and approachability to the place you won’t see elsewhere.

Take these advantages and add plenty of TVs and a spacious bar, and you’ve got a winning combination. You won’t want to miss this place.


  • The microbrews here can’t be found anywhere else as far as I know; not online and not in bottled form on the mainland. Take advantage of them while you’re around.
  • The bar offers a range of delicious grub from heavy burgers to light lettuce wraps. Great for a variety of palettes.
  • There are still plenty of televisions in the bar for watching sports.

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