Jed’s Barbecue & Brew

101 South Main St.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Right in the middle of downtown Bowling Green, Jed’s Barbecue & Brew is a pretty simple and straightforward sports bar with plenty of TVs and plenty of space for the local Bowling Green State University students and townsfolk alike to grab a drink or some food and watch a game. It’s not a fancy or upscale place, but I get the feel that this is just what this bar is looking for: Something low key, low maintenance and low stress. Jed’s is actually a chain in Northwest Ohio, with five locations.

The menu is pretty generic. There are some burgers and wings, some wraps and appetizers like nachos and fried pickles. Its basic bar food. The star item on the menu, though, are a selection of dressed up chicken chunks, Fireballs, which come in a bunch of different flavors and with a lot of different sauces. These items are great, very filling and the sauces are delicious. The wings are crisp and it’s a pretty cool idea to mash up wings and nachos.

The bar food is also good, it’s crisp and greasy, right on par for a sports pub. The burgers and sandwiches are about what you’d expect from a mid-pack bar, and altogether it’s a good value for the amount of food you get. There are a lot of beers on tap which is definitely a plus. Though it’s by no means a microbrewery and none of them are local beers, it’s nonetheless a benefit to the feel of the place.

The atmosphere is pretty comfortable. It’s a spacious bar interior, sort of dark and dank but with plenty of space for groups. The mood of the bar really varies by location; the Bowling Green spot has a predominately higher-key college kid crowd while the Maumee and Perrysburg areas are lower key. It’s not to say any location is particularly different, but the customer base is not the same. The service is good, and the servers seem pretty comfortable both during slow times and at the height of an evening rush. The prices are appropriate for the area, and reflect the simple nature of the bar and menu.

In all, I wouldn’t think Jed’s Bar is out to reinvent the wheel, but that’s not what they ever wanted to do in the first place. The bar is very simple and down to Earth, the menu is simple and easy, but the Fireballs offer a different and unique item that is worth returning for. The overall sense of the bar is a place for people to get a pretty hassle-free experience. It does so effectively.


  • Jed’s wings are the most well-known item on the menu, so they’re definitely the first thing you should try.
  • The bar also has a VIP club to consider if you’re a regular here.
  • Atmosphere and crowd very pretty widely by location and time, but overall it seems to appeal to everyone.

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