Burger Up

2901 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204

Now with two locations in downtown Nashville, Burger Up is a modest burger shack with a simple menu of burgers. Though the business has only been in operation since 2010, it has already seen its share of challenges. Yet, the community has been kind, and an ever-present show of support is apparent; if you find your way into the restaurant during meal time, it will be packed elbow to elbow with hungry young people. This part of 12th avenue seems to be the center of hipsterism, and Burger Up seems to know its audience very well.

Dominating the menu are the burgers, which are the product of locally raised cattle. There’s always something intrinsically pleasant about eating local food, but these burgers are so good they don’t need an extra reason to taste good. The variety includes a bison burger, as well as Woodstock, a basic and delicious cheeseburger with smoky bacon. The beef is fresh, it’s well seasoned and it’s just the right size to make a good meal without stuffing you. The toppings are both interesting and varied, leaving each burger as an interesting and unusual combination of flavors which comes together nicely. Delicious!

The side dishes are the same sort of burger fare you’d expect; French fries, sweet potatoes and the like. Baby spinach and fried onions. It’s nice to have such a simple menu like this one for a burger place, because every side dish and every burger is pretty good on its own without being overly complicated. That said, certain items and ingredients on the menu are seasonal, so you might consider what time of year it is when looking at the menu.

Burger Up has a very utilitarian atmosphere; expect to be comfortable, though a little crowded, as the restaurant concept is dominated by long tables which maximize the number of patrons and a large bar. Parking can also be at a premium in its lot, though there are plenty of narrow streets to put your car. Altogether, the crowds are something you should consider, though they aren’t prohibitive to a good experience here.

The people are nice too, and very informal. This is certainly a restaurant where everything and everyone is down-to-earth. It’s a good place to meet friends and other people your age, maybe not a business meeting or coworkers. That said, overall I’d say the experience is excellent. Burger Up has good food, a nice atmosphere, and a decent deal for food so close to downtown. The local restaurantgoers seem to appreciate the place, and  that’s a good thing, indeed.


  • Try to come early if you’re trying the place out for lunch hour; even with tight-fit seating, it’s amazing how thoroughly this place fills up.
  • It sounds facetious, but yes, Burger Up makes good burgers. It should be the first dish you try.
  • Some of the menu items vary depending on what’s available. Best to call ahead to check on this.

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